Let's forget this part of our life

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you make a ton of goofy assertions in this very long piece. i couldn’t finish.

here’s what will happen:

  1. globalism will be killed-off.
  2. socialism will be killed-off.
  3. death of the nation/state.
  4. rise of the city/state.
  5. elders/poor will find respite within family/tribe; very much like bronze age collapse.
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Well, globalism will be implemented faster with the adoption of cryptocurrency on a very wide scale, also socialism won’t exist after this because wealth will more than likely re-distribute from the 1% to the lower levels whom managed to get in quicker. Nations and states not necessarily going to die only the autocracies. And yes, elders will be 100% reliant on their family members once this happens. Although these are not really goofy assertions, these are very likely things that going to happen once we start adopting cryptocurrencies for trade in the real world.

globalism needs to be enforced. how will globalism be enforced without taxing powers?

Well, people by now obviously knows that if there is no funding for a country then a state will collapse, and this is why as I mentioned people who are early adopters and long time hodlers will more than likely have to carry the burden of social responsibility to uphold state services until the state can figure it out how to adjust. Those who are only greedy going to suffer in my opinion, because if you uphold state institutions then you will more than likely receive benefits from the state, like added protection against terrorism or threat to life due to the extended burden and responsibility you now have you fulfill to keep up the institution.

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interesting comment …unsure i’ve heard it from this angle before… going to chew on this for a minute!

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this tosses a thoughtrocket through my mindloop since state institutions in voluntary communities (city/states) will differ radically. ancapistan would have more of a free market approach to state affairs than a city/state run by people with collectivist tendencies.

Hmm, I’m not really sure. Since the government won’t be able to fund things we gonna be turning more towards for-profit solutions. Like paying more for healthcare, if we don’t subsidize it by paying tax. Socialism won’t work in this situation.

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