Let's talk about Cryptomined

So, one of our most beloved community members @cryptomined has been banned for 6 months, given reason: “Targetted harassment”

We are not talking about any average joe, stats for reference:

Banning someone that invested more than 8 days in reading time for one small episode for such a period of time is waaaay to much, IMHO.

It’s like being sentenced 6 months to prison for j-walking a street where other twenty were too…

Cryptomined is a great supplier and has made some really high quality videos, which, many of us miners have watched and have learned a trick or 2. He might even have a radical way of presenting things that many people don’t appreciate or feel disgusted, it still doesn’t validate threating him in this manner. Give him a yellow card or even a red one, but not letting him play the entire season just doesn’t feel right.


@daira has mentioned that we will be reviewing the decision tomorrow.

Here is my previous post regarding this matter:
Cryptomineds Video


I think its cool to see these types of posts. It shows the community is actually looking after each other. :smiley:

edit: I’m not aware of the reason why he was banned so I’m doing some digging now. If the ban was justified or not was not the point I was making, I just thought it was nice to see community members sticking up for each other. Just thought I should clear that up.


any update on this matter?

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I wrote to cryptomined regarding his harassment and hope to come to an agreement. Note that this isn’t his first warning for violating the community guidelines but understand he his a valued member of this community so am willing to give him one more chance.


Happy to see the suspention was reduced :smiley:

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Please, in the spirit of openness and transparency, share with your fellow community members why you banned a long time member of this community - Cryptomind. What rule did he break?
I looked at his posts and I do not see any of his posts that violated the rules. I see that he did state facts and ideas in an impassioned manner, and contrary to your public stated views on the topic of ASIC mining. Help us all understand why you are censoring this voice?

Discussed here: Cryptomineds Video

Edit: Also, cryptomined hasn’t been permanently banned, but rather suspended until June 1st.

I was the one that suspended cryptomined. I also wrote them an email requesting a discussion and offer to lift the suspension given that they were a long time member. I have not heard back from them yet. If they do not do me to courtesy of responding before the 2 week suspension ends, I’ll extend it. Also, this discussion is off-topic so I’ll move be moving these posts out of this thread.

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Why did you do it Paige?

Repeated violations of the Code of Conduct.