Has anyone seen @cryptomined lately? I have a question about my order on his store. Emails and PMs have been sent with no response. Thanks!

Yeah, still no reply. Order was placed on the 17th…

Since it is only the 23rd I would not be overly concerned quite yet, but yeah its always troubling when online stores are not responding to customer inquiry’s.

On the other hand, he has put a lot of time and effort into both this forum and his videos, so I don’t think he is the type to scam a few customers if that is what you are concerned about.

Oh, not worried about him scamming anyone. He has definitely been a respected member of the community. Just curious why he isn’t responding… and I really need my order. Haha!

Well… still no reply. Still no shipment… Getting a little worried now. Has anyone ordered from him lately and received their shipment? Hopefully I didn’t waste $75 worth of BTC…

NOTE TO ALL!!! Do not use cryptomined store… spent $75 and haven’t received ANY shipping info… it’s been 9 days now with no communication… no excuse at this point… very disappointed.


Thanks for the warning!

Any progress in regards to your items you ordered?

Yes! I finally got a tracking number yesterday. Hopefully it ships ok. Just curious why it took two and a half weeks to even get a tracking number.

Problem Solved.

“PM” cryptomined using this forum, if u have concerns.

problem solved. took a sprinkle of time.

I was giving @cryptomined the benefit of the doubt. He’s been here a long time and helped a lot of people. We don’t know his situation. Maybe he was out on holiday for a while, or sick.

I have received a tracking number, but it may be a bit before I actually get my product. I live in the US. The response I received seemed to be a canned “Your order has been shipped” email. I still haven’t been personally contacted by @cryptomined. I would give it a few more days before taking action. I just want what I paid for.

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I placed an order for risers on 2/23 and paid in Bitcoin. Funds were received.
I got a USPS tracking number on 3/24.
I checked the tracking number today (4/5) and the order is in pre-shipment.

Maybe the V7 risers I ordered took longer than expected to get to cryptomined and that’s why there is a delay.

Yeah, mine is still in pre-shipment as well.

USPS is just slow or messed up here, maybe I should stop using USPS to ship.

it will say pre-shipment on USPS until it hits the US… then it all updates on

its not my fault it says that… sometimes im just slow entering hte tracking… and i live far away from the city so I use one shipping company to ship it to the company that ships it USPS.

did you get your risers yet? did you use USPS also?

send me a PM and ill check your order status/tracking

The problem is people paid for a product and expect to get the product. I didn’t even get a tracking number for two and a half weeks… and now a month later I still don’t have my product I paid for. Has it been shipped? I had no idea that anything was even happening on it until this morning when you PMd me… a little communication would have been nice.

EDIT: Changed title of thread… as I have been through this process. Willing to work on it. Just frustrating it is taking this long. Shipping issue may be out of @cryptomined hands

Yes, I got my risers last week. They are great! I used USPS. Next time I will use different shipping.

@blockops from time of purchase to delivery, how long did it take if you don’t mind me asking?