Moderating the ASIC thread


First, my moderation has been focused on removing name calling in order to make this place open and accessible to all users without being intimidated by people with agendas or conflicts of interest.

Second, I’m no longer moderating this thread, because I’ve been participating more actively recently. Hopefully another moderator can step in and make sure this place is open to all ideas and focused on constructive dialogue. Just to reiterate, I actually want to hear arguments that I disagree with and I have absolutely never silenced anyone after disagreeing with them. I’ve only edited posts to remove content breaking the Code of Conduct (leaving opinions in place), and I’ve only silenced users that have repeatedly broken the Code of Conduct (repeated name calling) after ignoring warnings (many times, multiple warnings).

If you want to change my mind, you’re more likely to do so with solid, provable facts rather than personal attacks, heated language or flawed logic.

Let’s talk about ASIC mining

First off the posts that have been removed had 0 name calling in them, i believe they were removed because it may not have included you in it, for that I’m sorry.

Secondly if I wanted to have a real constructive interaction with you I would, but I don’t for reasons being is I believe you have an agenda and if someone opposes your agenda it gets censored. I’ve currently spent more time on this now that I care to of have spent.


I’m sorry, but this is a flat out lie unless the post was off-topic or completely inappropriate. In those cases the user was informed to move their post to the relevant topic.

Further, if you disagree with me, you can get other moderators involved. I’ve done my best to be fair and transparent. I hate censorship and the moderating that I’ve done hasn’t entered that category.

I believe you have an agenda and if someone opposes your agenda it gets censored.

I’ve debated views I disagree with on here consistently and those views that I’ve disagreed with are still visible and here for everyone to see. Your claim doesn’t hold any truth for this very reason. Opinions are not censored here as long as they meet these guidelines.

I do feel, however, that moderators on here, mainly myself, have been targeted for not allowing fringe and extreme language that clearly broke the Code of Conduct. Some of you are rightfully angry that the mining situation has changed but that doesn’t mean that you can break the Code of Conduct and get away with it. It also doesn’t mean that if I stop moderating another moderator won’t act to remove derogatory language and name calling. If your goal is to disrupt civilized discussion here, you will fail.


Some people i.e. @zooko are just limited(thinks he is smart but is actually not that smart), you can’t calculate success and game theory is nonsense, Zcash market is tiny and is all down hill from here unless ASIC manufacture pump it to try to make a buck if mining where profitable they would not be selling you the miners but they have already analysed the market and set a price that guarantees profit for themselves.

Also they employed a lot of non-technical people as moderators and on the governance panel hence the stupid no-logical question on ballot that any idiot will know is garbage to meet a certain outcome. You only have to be smarter than the mark to make money in a SCAM and @zooko as done quite well for himself.


Guys I hate to say this but it’s a waste of breath talking to robots. We would do a lot better on Twitter, reddit or even instagram. And we could get more people involved. There the the robots can do nothing.No banning or hiding our comments.


Your post is going to get flagged for that, you should change it.

I do not agree. Game theory is an incredibly useful theory, and when used in conjunction with AI is very powerful.


I agree 100%. I am winding down my involvement here. However, there are some very intelligent people on both sides of the ASIC argument. My position is right in the middle since Pro ASIC and ASIC resistance are the same argument, and both will end in a cat and mouse game and stalemate.

I think it is worthwhile to point that fact out to both sides. However, you are correct, this venue is not longer an open forum open for debate on this topic, and its time to move on.


I haven’t seen any intelligent arguments in favor of ASICs.

The main ASIC promoters in this thread – root and boxalex – have a poor understanding of proof of work mining.

I think the only intelligent promoters of ASIC mining are those who are on the payroll of ASIC manufacturers.


Yeah, the majority of the election voters must be total idiots as well. Actually everybody that doesn’t support GPU mining and uses Asics or POS must be a dumb idiot, lol.

Thx god the majority of the election voters are well aware what farce many of the pro gpu hardliners here are representing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good, seems you found a coin that fits your needs :wink:


Ok megalomaniac. Now sit down, breath and drink some tea… chilllll.


Let’s just agree that some people don’t agree with each other. Name calling or Tinfoil hat stories aren’t convincing people and are not healthy in the long run. I don’t agree with the most what Root says about Asics. In my opinion that is stated in my posts. I still like Root ( although I don’t know him in person )and am thankfull for what he does on the Zcash forum, I don’t wanna fill those shoes, so please don’t give him so a hard time, the truth is out there, but no one knows what will happen. Not Root, not Boxalex not me or anybody else.

And nope, I didn’t get paid to post this, I like to discuss, but let’s keep it civelized :wink: