Let's talk about Exchanges

Since we are talking about Exchanges, it’s very important for users to do some homework before trusting one. There a number of tools that make it “easy” to set up a new exchange will little effort such as: Crpyto Exchange Solution with Source Code for Spot and Futures (Derivatives) & Margin Trading| Modulus

If an exchange is not honest there are a number of ways thay users can be burned by high trading fees, low liquidity, making it difficult to withdraw funds, or even disappearing in an exit scam.

Remember: your private keys to your funds are your power. Once you send those funds to an exchange you are 100% trusting them with your funds, many unregulated exchanges have no insurance and you have no recourse if they pull a MtGox and go belly up.

So take your time and research exchanges before signing up for one. CryptoCompare has Exchange reviews, a good place to start: Compare all bitcoin exchanges, reviews, live streaming bitcoin prices, fees, deposit methods, | CryptoCompare.com