Linux安装v1.0.14后运行zcash-cli getinfo出现Your client is out of date...的错误,请问如何解决


error: {“code”:-2,“message”:“Safe mode: Your client is out of date and potentially vulnerable to blockchain disruption. Please update to the most recent version of Zcash and use -reindex to ensure integrity of your blockchain state. More info at:”}


This should help

thank you for replying

already update v1.0.14

but error always…

What’s the output of ./zcashd --version ?

Zcash Daemon version v1.0.0

How should I update?

You’re running a very old version of zcash. You can see the network alert here:

It looks like you’ve downloaded the source code for the latest version v1.0.14, so you should do the following.

  1. zcash-cli stop

Now build the latest version of zcash:

  1. make clean
  2. zcutil/

When launching zcash you will also need to reindex - this could take several hours to complete depending on your computer’s performance.

  1. zcashd -reindex

I’ll try it
thank you