Help - issues with local client

I installed zcash in ubuntu using vbox,

Everything looked to work fine,

Then I exported/imported the VM in a new computer(more robust),

After trying to use the zcash_cli commands,

I get the following error:
error: {“code”:-2,“message”:“Safe mode: Your client is out of date and potentially vulnerable to blockchain disruption. Please update to the most recent version of Zcash and use -reindex to ensure integrity of your blockchain state. More info at:”}

I already generated a t-address which I’m using currently in mining,

How can I get my client working again, do I have to installed again and backup my address to export them later?

Thank you!

Hey there, apologies for missing this earlier.

You should backup your addresses ( and upgrade to the most recent version of the client (1.0.10-1) but also note that 1.0.11 is set to be released today.

Please let us know if you resolved this or need additional support.