Zcash on FTX.us

I’m opening this topic to start a discussion about any information relevant to trading Zcash @ FTX.us since this is one of the most organized Zcash community watering holes. I know that only FTX.us can enable us in this endeavor (perhaps with support from ECC/ZF if they need assistance) but am curious about the following:

  1. Has FTX.us reached out to ECC or ZF for support regarding the addition of this asset for trading?
  2. How many other US-based individuals/entities would be interested in trading there? Have you requested support for Zcash? What was their response to your request?

FWIW I know that multiple people have expressed interest on Twitter in trading Zcash there.

If you’re well read in the forums here then you can assume that garnering support from yet another exchange has probably been on the lower end of the priority spectrum for ECC/ZF to this point. So, if you haven’t tried already and would like to see them add support, I encourage you to ask for it on Telegram (Telegram: Contact @FTX_US_Official) and Twitter ( @FTX_Official @ftx_us @SBF_FTX). Make your voices heard. A lot of us are silent because we like privacy. But FTX is looking pretty attractive as a place to trade and earn some interest on our crypto assets.

And FWIW I still love Gemini and will continue to trade there too. But competition is good right? With the coming ZSA endeavor they could potentially be a good partner to have.

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Lets make this happen ASAP! :heart: :shield:


Bump for this thread!

How are ZEC not on FTX yet?
I also suggest that we petition Crypto.com

I’d like ZEC on FTX as well. Not just US. International if possible