List of competition privacy projects?


Thinking about making a list including all (most) privacy coins which are direct competitors to ZEC.

Such list could include a lot of information like features, data, whatever of the competion privacy coins.

Would such list help the Foundation & Zcash co if the community/forum members watch competition and share results in an well organized thread here?

I’am asking the foundation as i personally don’t feel comfortable making a list of competion coins without approval from the foundation as it could be considered advertising competition coins, which is for sure not the intention in this case.

Like i maintain and update the “list of equihash projects” i think we could do as well this list of privacy coins with the help of some the community, forum members and maybe even the foundation/zcash that can share inputs on differences, advantages and whatever on given points in comparison, not?

Eventually such detailed & keept updated list could help “monitoring” competition, spot privacy new comers and track their development as well…

Just a thought, would like to hear if such an approach is wished and supported.


here is a list of privacy coins from,for some reason Dash, Beam and Grin are not classified as privacy coins in the website. This information is public and available to all, you don’t have to sign in to obtain the information.This list is sorted by marketcap.


Recently i notice that zencash(Horizen) has gone up 10% after the fix announcement against zcash which has recovered 4.5%.


Sorry should be a part of price speculation thread…:slight_smile:


Actually the idea behind the list is more than info you can see on such sites like messari, for example the exact privacy features and other interesting details which of course can/should include such available on messari as well.

Just 1 view on the messari list actually shows that it does not include a lot of privacy coins or projects pretending to be privacy coins, leave alone new comers like Beam, Grin, Bitcash, Bitcoin Confidential totally missing…


Correct, its not complete information.Personally, i’am not a fan of competition that has plagued the crypto world, its hurting more than benefiting the global crypto community. There should be just genuine projects against scammy projects,genuine projects should stay and drive away the scammy projects. Hope that happens before the next bull run.