List your best Sol:Watt ratios

For those of us that actually pay for our electricity, the sol:watt ratio is important. If you dont pay for electricity, please dont post about your high sol rates unless its in terms of sol:watt ratio.

So I’m getting basically 1 sol per watt right now on this:

  • 6x MSI RX470 4G (1169/1650/1500 straps)
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Optiminer 0.4.0

743 sols @ 746 total watts.

Just started playing around with the rom’s, so maybe there is room for improvement?

I’ve tried overclocking memory clocks via the /sys/class/drm’s, but they dont appear to do a damn thing… so looks like I have to reboot into windows and do more rom editing… such a pain.

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I will have to tweak my VBIOS settings a lot to get there. :blush:
Challange accepted!

526 sols @650 watts
348 sols @461 watts
348 sols @461 watts
152 sols @230 watts

1374 sols @1802 watts

You mean sol per Joule.

(which is equivalent to sol/s per watt since a Watt is a Joule/s)

But I prefer to think of the energy cost of one solution,
so that’s Joule per sol, J/s.


@tromp good call on Joule/sol

I get 1270 sol/s @ 670 watts using claymore v9.3 and 4x nanos
Has anyone got any better results? If so what miner and what cards?

1460 Sol/s @ 420 W whole system. 4x GTX 1070 water cooled.


2,916 with 2320 watts

460 Sol/s 190W - whole system.

Have about 265 Sol/s @ 60W for the entire system, with a single GTX 970.

1300 sols / about ~ 550W that includes and Monster Air Fan going 24/7.

GTX 1050ti x 2
GTX 1060 3GB x 2
GTX 1060 6GB x 1

Measured watt number directly from the wall outlet

4 sol per watt on NVidia rigs and 3 sol per watt on my amd fury rigs

Is this at peak sol/s or is it at lower power output?

My latest rig, build yesterday:

7 GTX 1080 ti
Ubuntu 16.04
EWBF 0.3.3b

4.2K Sol/s @ 1200 watts.

I am not running it down there though. I prefer 5.2K Sol/s @ 1960 Watts. I am still tweaking it before I try to add an 8th GPU.


1500 Sol for 1 kwh.
2xR9 390
1 x gtx1070
1 x gtx 970

Which brand of 1080 ti does that build have?

Whats your config? Best I am getting is 3.6-3.7 for gtx 1070.

2x 1080 FE (TPD 60%)

@ZC93 that’s pretty good. What brand and model of gtx 1080 ti do you have ?

i’m still wondering if i’d go with 1070 or 1080 / ti for my first rig…

Would everyone in this thread mind mentioning the gpu used too


here are my settings.
3x Gigayte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming
Windows 10 x64 (1703)
Nvidia Driver 385.28

These settings all on 3 cards
60% TDP
+150 Core Clock
+400 Memory