Efficiency readings on ewbf miner

Efficiency readings on ewbf miner:

Been mining for a few months, decided to enable power stats and noticed sol/watt. I'd like to get an idea of what a good efficiency sol/w rate is from this great community so I can start tweaking the cards settings. I'm at 6.20 sol/w with 2 gpus please let me know if thats not good as I don't want to oc them incorrectly. Thanks.

I believe you are getting great Efficiency!

You’re Sol/s efficiency is very very good. Actually it’s about twice as good as what I’m getting and I’m in an area with cheap electricity.

oh good, I've decided to not so any o.c.ing thanks to your replies.

@midnightwanderer How did you find the sol/w reading from the miner?

Running with --pec flag puts these stats

exactly just add --pec to your bat file or just run miner with --pec

Thanks guys! Works for me perfectly. @midnightwanderer what are you mining with and what are your settings for those cards? If you don’t mind. I am getting only around 2.5 sol/w

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@Blue I'm using 1080ti cards (not sli) with some settings set below stock to conserve power.

I’ve never got more than 4.2sol/w with my 1080ti so would be grateful if you can share your settings as 6 is way higher than every other card I’ve tried?!!

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If you glance at my original post you will see that the sol/w I mentioned is a combination of 2 cards. Do you mind sharing your settings as I am only getting about 3.10 sol/w per card

Ah yes you’ve made a miscalculation. You can’t double the efficiency by adding more cards as the extra cards also use double the watts.

NVidia cards are weird compared to the AMD cards I am used to, I get best sol/w if I do the following:

  1. Change power limit to 60%
  2. Overclock the core +200 (or more if your card’s a good one)
  3. Overclock the mem to +650 (or more if your card’s a good one)

From what I can gather, reducing the power limit actually undervolts the card somewhat. You always want to run less than 100 power and then bump the clock and memory up for max efficiency.


Ps. here’s my settings if anyone can get better efficiency than this I’ll buy you a beer. electricity is bloody expensive here so efficiency is more important than outright hashers per second to me.


thanks for the advice @BUTUZ I am getting cooler temps, less watts, and hash is still where I like it to be after following your method.

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No problems matey feel free to click the heart button on my posts :slight_smile:

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Where the hell is that flag documented???

the miners normal help page showed me that flag, it was on 3.3b though.

If you downloaded from EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner, the zip should have a Help.txt file covering supported flags and API documentation.

There’s no mention whatsoever of “–pec” flag in your help.txt file, so no, IT IS NOT COVERING SUPPORTED FLAGS.

Ok, the dev for whatever reason hasn’t updated the documentation, no need to get salty.
To view the latest supported options for the ELF executable, run:
$ ./miner -h
If PE:
./miner.exe -h