Looking for Vegas Partner for mining operation

I have some new tech that requires no fan cooling and no pumps in vegas and will be using a 0.01usd/kwh power system to run GPU mining rigs. I am looking for labor and financial assistance. I will be putting in a significant amount of my own funding into this project. I would like to start with 25 x 8 gpu rigs and build up from there. Will need a NDA in place and I do have a business license and LLC in place already. Profit is significant because our cost is less than 90% of other mining operations. I am an electronic design engineer, software engineer, and have done DOD R&D along with operating a Renewable energy device manufacturing for 12 years now. Private message me with your phone number if your interested in partnering up with me.

I’m interested, will message you.

Looks like the electric rates in Las Vegas are no lower than anywhere else in the country. How’d you score 0.01usd/kwh? DM me.

Nevada Energy offers a Time of Use program that I am on which gives me .04/kWh. He states a “power system” that will give him .01/kWh.

i sell solar and thus have access to bankruptcy solar pricing in the 0.20’s/watt of solar on the panels 7 cents for racking and 2 cents a watt for wire connectors accessories.
I will just use a 12 volt battery bank which adds 20 cents a watt to the system with a 17 year life span.
Total 49 cents a watt all in. government gives us 1/3 of that back in a tax break Leaving us with 0.32usd/watt for solar all in. ROI will be 8 months at that pricing. then pretty much free power no maintenance the batteries water themselves the system is automatic.

I sent you a text. Hope to talk with you tomorrow.

Aren’t you forgetting DC-AC inverters/ DC-DC converters?

No I am not. It is included in this pricing.