Los Angeles Area Assembler Needed

I have a plug-and-play mining rig already, but want to "shadow" someone assembling a rig, so I can watch over their shoulder and learn. I am willing to pay for this service. I live in the Los Angeles area, and wonder if anyone on this forum is local to me, and willing to do this? Thanks.

I actually live downtown. What kind of mining rig are you looking to learn to build? A farm, one of those new MXM oil submerged 10 card machines, or push a pro btc 81 board to 6 cards in a milk-crate/custom case?

I have built one 5 gpu Ethereum miner a year ago, and three 6 gpu Zcash miners recently (all milk-crate pro btc 81 mobos with radeon cards and Linux OS). I'm more of a software developer working in the crypto space than a dedicated miner/farmer. I have seen some glimpses of what larger farms are like to run, but I wouldn't be the best in telling you how to run one. Also I have not built one of the MXM rigs. So if that sounds like the kind of rig you are wanting to learn (5-6 cards per mobo) then I'd be happy to help when/if I get some free time.

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Electricity bills is expensive here in LA, think twice before you build one.

Or they live in an apartment with fixed rate electricity bill and have some hobby heaters runnings.

I was shocked by looking at the new electricity billing rate in 2017. 23cents man for Tiers 2.

LA based miner here. Nice to see locals involved

How much do you pay for your electricity bill a month? Is it still profitable?

Thankfully I have access to power at no cost at my office space. Had I paid for power I'd say most if not all crypto mining wouldn't be profitable. I made a major profit during the ramp up phase of zec

Lucky you man. With a new billing rate this 2017, i have to return 1/2 of my GPUs and sell the other 1/2 this coming weeks :frowning: so sad to give up one of my hobbies

I want to build an example rig, and start up a farm or data center, not necessarily here in LA. Yes, please ping me when you have some spare time. I would love to set up one of those MXM machines. However, the 6 GPU milk crate would be fine as well. I'm a software specialist with 17 years of experience in the enterprise management and monitoring area. Crypto mining is a "hobby gone wild" for me. Thanks!

Greetings Nathan! I was wondering is there any way to get in touch with you? I am working on project, if I could maybe bounce some ideas off you, maybe have a few minutes of your time? Perhaps a slack you are in, or discord/curse/TS channel? Please let me know! Kindest regards.

I am a wholesaler and looking to work on getting a farm up and running. I have 16 years in hardware configuration and would like to see if we can work together. I have some ideas I'd like to bounce off of you and maybe we can make something happen. Let me know when you have some free time.

I sent you a PM, but in short, I'm generally available after 2 PM PST. My schedule is chaotic, so it's best we actually schedule a time and put it on my calendar. Hope to hear from you soon. I'm a hardware and software architect with almost two decades of experience in global enterprise environments and I'm also a hands-on senior software engineer, specializing in Enterprise Management and IT Security, FYI.