Looks-like the RX 500 will be available in april!

From a mining perspective, what do people think the performance will be over the equivalent RX4xx model? For the RX480 (well something like the Nitro version) compared to RX580, stream processors, boost speed, memory bandwidth/speed are all similar/same, so can’t see this will improve mining by much.

Although it could force a drop in price for the RX4xx range of cards…

can only guess right now, but definitely plan on slapping together a test rig to find-out!

I can definitely see the RX400 series cards coming down in price due to the new release, but even with this I think the RX500 series will be worth the upgrade. It should get slightly better performance than the current cards, but I think they key takeaway from the article was the potential for reduced power consumption.

Right now prices are high so power in not on everyone’s mind, but soon the hashrate will catch up soon and we will be back to a more competitive environment.

It’s not clear, yet, whether the RX400 series will still be available, with this type of update, although the used prices will certainly drop. We’ll see!

Edit: Also, since the RX500s are essential a chip process update, I’m hopeful that the RX400 VBIOS mods and current AMD drivers work exactly the same on the RX500s. That would be a huge plus.

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So much for mid april…

If your expecting a has rate increase from the 5xx cards your gonna be disappointed I think!

I am just expecting them to be either higher clock, or lower voltage, or both! But won’t hash much better than the RX4xx.

One good benefit could be pushing RX4xx prices downwards.

the 5xx series is an overclocked rx 4xx …

when rx 590 hits with vega platform thats gonna be a game changer until than its just marketing from amd and nothing for us miners.

The RX5xx replaces the RX4xx. There may be a few RX4xx left as AMD drains the distribution channels, but the RX4xx and RX5xx won’t be sold side-by-side, but perhaps you’re talking about used RX4xx prices? The RX5xx is the same GPU as the RX4xx, except fabricated with a newer 14 nm chip process that allows a small clock bump (~6%) and a bit lower power (number hasn’t been published, yet). As far as I know, the launch is today, the 18th.

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yup its today, got a 570 and 580 on the way to me right now :stuck_out_tongue:

i already know the 400 series is a better deal and there is no point to get the 500 series

but what the hell… gives me something to play with now that I have some free time LOL


Waiting for hashrate :slight_smile: Make sure to update us!

Here is my unboxing,… ill plug them in after I wake up a bit more… going to need a big breakfast and a few coffee’s before I get started… something tells me I’m going to be uninstalling and installing different driver variations today, and editing the bios might take me some time … need to open up the bios and take a look… really too bads the pulse line does not have dual bios.

tests hoopefully will come later today…

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