AMD RX 580 & RX 570 cards

Just ran across this article talking about the new AMD 500 series cards and thought I would share it, I know there has been a few conversations about performance increases so... read away

Adding to this post.. The 580's are due to be released April 18th...
Also here is a post stating that along with benchmarks
release date and more info on the 500 series

You guys need to wake up to one fact. Don't expect 1000sol/s.

They're likely not to be any faster than the previous cards. They may however be more energy efficient.

R7970 280SOL/S
R290 330SOL/S
R9Fury 470SOL/S
RX470 280SOL/S
RX480 310SOL/S

Why do you think modern cards are going to be any better than old cards?

Of course the 500 series will not do 1000 h/s, it clearly states that its almost a rebranding of the 400 series except they made a few minimal improvements. Some processor improvements which leads to better clock speeds, cost less and slightly more efficient.
I would hypothesise that an O'C'd RX580 might do 350 to 380

Now the Vega's....(!) are a different beast

I'd expect 325-330 for the RX580-8GB, tops. The stock clock is only going up 5%, and the memory speed is the same, which is limiting factor for Polaris/Pulse.