Resell of 225H/s Genesis-Mining contract


If there is someone who wants already running 225H/s contract (End date: 2017-11-28), I want to resell it for the same price (BTC payment only). The price is 7800 USD, about 10.7586 BTC for now. After payment, I’ll change payment address and email address to yours immediately. So you can receive daily payments since today.

If you are interested, please feel free to send me a private message.

Thank you.

I’ll offer $2500 if your interested

Retracing offer (doing more on one Fury X)

Oh… OK, 225 H/s for $7500.

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FYI, This is the screenshot of my contracts.

You won’t find a buyer at this price. With current miners optimizations, you can get 180 H/s with a run-of-the-mill rig that costs 2~3k to build, and you get to keep the hardware after 13 months. I offer you 2.6k.

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You’re not smart for rejecting that offer.

Thank you for your response. I have to take care of my children. So I’m sorry that I can not offer a lot of discounts…

I didnt want to be rude but next week or month. Claymore is going to release a miner that gets 100Sol/s with a 390X.

There is another Nvidia cuda developer who is hashing at 120Sol/s right now with his 1070.

180H/s will be nothing soon and its better to get at least 30% back then nothing.

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$2600.01 Bid from me

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Rented servers will give you 180sol/s as for 4k$ with monthly commitment, instead of annual one, which you can cancel if something will go wrong. It totally doesn’t cost 7800$.

As everyone keeps repeating over and over again, never invest in crypto what you can’t afford to lose. You made a bad deal by buying a contract at 3x the price on a totally experimental currency for which mining cost was a near unknown until the day of launch, now you are faced with two options: keep it and hope that zcash price will go high enough to allow you to recoup some of the loss. Or sell it now if you don’t want to take the risk that further miner optimization will decrease further the market value and profitability of your contract. It’s really up to you. Either way, I would advise to start rationalizing the fact that you will probably not get back you 7.5k without speculating on zcash.


Thank you for your advice. At the same time, I’ll keep trying to contact the staff for full refund until I can find a good buyer… Actually I have the right to cancel my contracts under the German law, and if they will keep ignoring or refusing it, it’s completely illegal. So I’ll also try to contact German lawyer and government to force them to refund.

That’s 20% cheaper than the best servers I have found! What provider are you using?

I’d offer $1800 for it
You can buy the same here at 3200 USD or many more providers
genesis mining is actual scam, 20sol/h server costs around 26 euro (28$) per month.

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50 H/s for 6 months = 5 BTC!? Wow, so if 180 H/s for 13 months = 39 BTC!?
Well, you must study math first. It’s much more scam. :laughing:

Someone in bitcointalk posted it , they seem to have increased the hashrate for those for have bought before the lunch

@emmettoc Recently some of cloud miners are paying about 0.45BTC/kSol/Day. It’s more than doubled than your price. So I think you have a change to find a buyer.

German law wont help you since they are located in the USA and this was a speculated purchase and those you can’t ask for refunds when they turn out to not be profitable.

If there was a law like that then the New York Stock Exchange or Forex markets wouldn’t exist because people would just complain to their broker of their loses and get a full refund.

You basically can’t do that. Maybe you could of gotten a refund before launch but not after.

No, there is a statement in our contract pdf, "This Agreement is governed by German law. ". So if they refuse my refund request, it’s totally illegal.