Marketing idea: MrBeast - Spend $1,000,000 of crypto in 60 seconds

I have been thoroughly impressed with the latest, multifaceted focus on education and marketing including NFT campaigns, YouTube content, and even music videos. I was thinking about it and I imagine all up the total spend must be approaching a million dollars. So it got me thinking what we could spend the next million on…


Give MrBeast $1,000,000 worth of ZEC. Get him to partner up with a mall to put a memo out asking for stores to add Zcash payment terminals. Contestants then run around the mall, store to store, asking stores if they support Zcash. When they find a store that supports Zcash they grab as much as they can within the remaining time and pay with Zcash.

Of course midway through the video MrBeast describes Zcash to the audience and provides wallet details. Etc etc. Instant 50million, possibly young, possibly crypto curious, eyes learning about Zcash for the first time.


As crazy as it sounds to spend $1,000,000 on advertising (e.g. the MrBeast example) it’s a serious suggestion we should consider. Sometime this year we should start having serious discussions about what the current marketing campaigns have achieve.

One obvious way to start this process is calculating the cost per “meaningful” impression. In Zcash Media’s case we could generously accredit as all view of all video content, both on the broader social media platforms in the form of trailers and of course the YouTube content. In the case of cypherpunk zero we might accredit any view of the cypherpunk story telling, and/or participation in the NFT drop.

I’m going to speculate with a random figure just to illustrate what we should do. Lets say soon after we conclude the first $1,000,000 has been spent we conclude there have been 10,000,000 impressions of marketing/educational content. Wicked. That’s 10cents per impression. Pretty good if you ask me!

Lets say MrBeast is up for a crypto related video and decides to produce Zcash video. Lets also say that true to his form he produces quality content that achieve 50,000,000views. That’s 2cents per impression :hushed:. Wow that’s incredibly cheap. Are those Zcash Media and Cypherpunk impressions worth less then MrBeast impressions? How much more? 8cents, 20cents, $1, …?


Btw just to be clear I am a huge supporter of Zcash Media and Cypherpunk Zero. I’m not suggestion we take any funding, current or future, away from those campaigns. I’m merely suggesting other campaigns we should at least consider.

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I find this idea interesting and worth expanding upon, though I think it’s probably not realistic to think we could get Mr. Beast, I think the idea of educational and entertaining youtube content is worth exploring. Perhaps it could incorporate a privacy/gamified element?

(Update: it appears UA default-privacy glory is coming sooner than I imagined, but it still needs to be confirmed to be the default for all major GUI wallets before big marketing should be applied to it.)

I think the fundamentals of Zcash really being a privacy coin need to be achieved before any fun, effective viral marketing occurs. Viral marketing is amazing, if it’s imaginative and well-crafted enough, but I personally wouldn’t spend time or energy on rah-rah marketing until Unified Addresses, with fully shielded payments (for both sending and receiving) is the default wallet software setting on every platforms’ GUI Zcash wallet (including default wallet settings specifying that no one CAN send you transparent or shielding Tx’s).

(I.e. be private by default like Monero.)

If not, people will visit Zcash during such a campaign, try it out, and see it’s not really what the hype suggested (out of the box), and it’s a waste of money / effort / time.

Right now, for fully shielded usage with vendors it’s a finicky technical setup (for average people), and supported in hardly any places anyway (especially when receiving ZEC, since you cannot control that someone is sending ZEC to your zaddr from a pesky taddr).

What’s the point of Zcash (and expensive marketing) if it doesn’t do everything Monero does and more? It has the ‘and more’ (perfect zk privacy), but not the first part (private by default, transparency is opt in, not opt out).

Wait until UA is fully implemented, my 2z.

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