Maximizing impact of zcash media drops

Our zcash documentary by @37L and team will drop 29th April. A bit of a late idea, but should we maximize the impact of this drop by partnering with @adityapk00 @NighthawkApps to do an onboarding drive?

Someone watches the video, thinks “how do I get involved,” and voila, gets channeled to a “where/how to set up zecwallet or nighthawk wallet” landing page. Perhaps some gamification eg “try to send a series of t2z and z2z transactions, get rewarded”? “Pay for your xxx using zec on coinpayments/btcpay and get 10% off”? Maybe @zomg can provide funding for incentives?

Just some ideas. @joshs @decentralistdan @Alex_ZF


I believe the first video will drop on the 22nd at the end of this week.


This is a great idea to add a “Call to Action”! And it’s a great idea for the Call to Action to be using a Shielded Zcash Wallet! In my experience, getting people to try a wallet is much more effective than telling them anything.


Thanks for the Call to Action/Onboarding drive suggestion to align with the Zcash documentary releases!

IMO @ZcashGrants could work with Zcash Ambassadors to disburse awards to new users to Zcash with a fun z2z memo and a small amount of ZEC (e.g. 0.005) with a cap amount on total rewards. And add the criteria of verifying users via a Twitter account older than Jan 2022 and sending screenshots of their wallet transaction history/Tx. id, etc to take part in this initiative to avoid gaming the rewards.

Many crypto projects have conducted such drives, e.g:

@aquietinvestor let’s get this topic added to our brainstorming session.


This seems like a great idea overall. I really like the wallet on-boarding and giving people specific instructions to download X wallet and post a z-address to Y location is pretty straightforward.

Right now, the short documentary is coming out first on 22nd and Halo/Dobbertin video is coming out second on 29th.

There could be Friday evening Twitter spaces or some sort of on-boarding event for one or both release days.

We were planning on having a “community event” at some point during the release stage. I can bring this up with our team tomorrow morning as potentially being that event.


Hi all,

We are targeting Monday, April 25th for a community event on Twitter to talk about the videos and do wallet on-boarding, etc. Does that sound like a good time?

If you would like to help plan it, let’s connect. I’ll ask my team the best way to go about getting every one on the same page.



Would any of the wallet devs like to participate in the on-boarding event on Monday? We need to start a group chat to start planning :slight_smile:


Cc @adityapk00 @aiyadt @NighthawkApps

@joshs anyone from ECC mobile dev team that could be there?


I think we have a rough plan.

  1. Set up logistics
  2. Advertise the event
  3. During event:
    a. Talk about experiences making the first video. Funny stories about blindfolds, cats, etc.
    b. Q and A
    c. Wallet explainer.
    d. Dev experience of working on zcash.
    e. Get everyone to set up a wallet and post their z-address to Twitter thread.
    f. After the event, send all participants a clue about the identity of John Dobbertin via shielded memo.

I’ll ask….


Thanks for the ping @Shawn

The ZCG has started working towards a plan following the JD reveal to involve the ambassadors for the onboarding of new users to Shielded ZEC.

My availability is limited this Monday, yet we have worked out the logistics and plan to accommodate @David_Heisenberg’s idea for Zcash Media lead Twitter Spaces on Monday, April 25th. @decentralistdan will help facilitate the Twitter Spaces, help with bringing up speakers, etc to allow Zcash Media to focus on hosting & running the space. And @BrunchTime has volunteered to help with sending ZEC to participants as per David’s game plan.


I’m available :wave::wave:


Hey folks! I’ve gotten many data points (publicly and privately) that the first Zcash Media video — “Future Money” — is being passed around by Zcashers to their friends and family who are not “crypto people”. I think that’s fantastic! The first thing that the Zcash Media folks said to me when they originally reached out to me was that they wanted to make a documentary about Zcash that was accessible and interesting to “non-crypto people”. I think they’ve succeeded!! I love the video.

I would suggest that everyone reading this send that video to the person you know who is open to crypto but has never really made the leap. :slight_smile: And report back here how they respond to it! :heart:


Come one, come all tomorrow at 10AM PST



I confirm. At the weekend, we plan to watch the first episode in russian-voiceover with my parents, who, despite +60, have almost become supporters of Zcash digital money.


I join in this viewing :+1:


This is awesome! Really impressive how quickly you were able to create a Russian-voiceover version. Great work @artkor!


My mom said “I finally understand what you’re doing”



Reiterating the importance of crafting our narrative, a piece from my fav blog: “How People Think

8. The best story wins.

Not the best idea. Not the right answer. Just whoever tells a story that catches people’s attention and gets them to nod their heads.

Sherlock Holmes put it: “What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done.”

Wherever information is exchanged – wherever there are products, companies, careers, politics, knowledge, education, and culture – you will find that the best story wins. Great ideas explained poorly can go nowhere while old or wrong ideas told compellingly can ignite a revolution. Morgan Freeman can narrate a grocery list and bring people to tears, while an inarticulate scientist might cure disease and go unnoticed.

Even when the right idea or an expert talent is at work, there’s almost always a powerful story at play.

Charles Darwin didn’t discover evolution, he just wrote the first and most compelling book about it. Andrew Carnegie said he was as proud of his charm and ability to befriend people as he was his business acumen. Elon Musk is as skilled at getting investors to believe a vision as he is at engineering. Rory Sutherland recently put it: “No one would have heard of Jesus if it wasn’t for Saint Paul.”

Author Elias Canette wrote:

The largest crowds are drawn by the storytellers. It is around them that the people throng most densely and stay longest… their words come from further off and hang longer in the air than those of ordinary people.

George Packer echoes the same:

The most durable narratives are not the ones that stand up best to fact-checking. They’re the ones that address our deepest needs and desires.

This drives you crazy if you assume the world is swayed by facts and objectivity – if you assume the best idea wins. But it’s how people think. And it’s actually optimistic, because when you realize you can change the world by explaining an old thing in a new way vs. creating something new, you start to see so much potential.