Merchant support/payment processing service providers

Is there a payment processing service for zcash like there is for bitcoin (ie. The idea is that a merchant has their website where they’re selling their widgets for some currency (ie. USD) and they want to accommodate customers that want to pay in zcash, while receiving payment in their preferred currency (ie. USD)? I’ve found wallet providers and exchanges for zcash, but haven’t been able to find any payment processing service providers.

Note: Suggestions of “why don’t they just apt-get blah and hack up blah” will not address my question. We’re talking about merchants who run websites and sell stuff in a world that still accepts government-backed currency. They just want to see money show up in USD in their merchant/business account.

Thank you for your time.

“why don’t they just apt-get blah and hack up blah” :))))

I’m so interested to hear the same, any plans to stimulate retail&online adoptions in the near future ?

Here in the Netherlands, a popular house foot delivery site is accepting bitcoin for some years!
(google : thuisbezorgd )

I expect nobody will buy a pizza with 0.5eur transaction cost, but I might with Zcash :stuck_out_tongue:

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I once bought a pizza there (thuisbezorgt) with some bitcoin. Like to see stuff like that for Zcash.

try this

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Best suggestion:

0.5% fee, bank transfer in local currency for USA and EUROPE.

I’m implementing this payment system in many local websites, pretty simple. If anyone needs help, I’m availble :slight_smile:

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Is there a standard “ZEC Accepted Here” logo I can place on my invoices?