Who Accepts Zcash?

Opening a thread to share info about merchant adoption…

  • Who accepts Zcash as payment for goods or services?
  • Which charities accept Zcash donations?
  • Have you used Zcash to pay for anything useful or interesting?

Also check out https://paywithz.cash to get more ideas about where to spend your ZEC!


A merchant asked me about accepting Zcash in their online Shopify store. I’m not too familiar with Shopify. What’s the best tool for that job?

@Shawn has some experience with it, IIRC.

It would be nice to have on the same page a guide that explains “How to accept zcash” especially to z addresses. I wouldn’t mind asking for zcash at my place (brick and mortar) at the counter, but I haven’t found the ideal solution yet (POS).

Zatsuma is a a Zcash POS by @ChileBob, he could probably help you with that https://github.com/ChileBob/Zatsuma

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Thanks for the reminder. I looked at this, but at that time, I stopped because of this :

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • 8Gb RAM recommended (5Gb minimum)

I could however check this again …

I imagine that some lighter solutions will come soon with the light wallets becoming available on smartphones too.


Is Zatsuma compatible with Shopify? This merchant has a Shopify store.

Errm… probably not.

Zatsuma is basically a JavaScript UI that talks to a node, plus a some mysql for order tracking.

Edit: At some point I need to get it working with a light wallet rather than a full node, and lose all the Bitcoin stuff!


I was only able to accept transparent Zcash via coinpayments.net through Shopify. On the Shopify backend you had to email Shopify (and possibly coinpayments?) to get a code to enable it because it’s considered Beta software. But it should still show as an option under payment methods in the back end.


k, thanks. i shared that info with him.

This call to action is as pertinent as ever:

I’m a merchant. How do I accept ZEC?


BitPay has a Shopify integration: https://bitpay.com/integrations/shopify

That’s really what we need! But I think BitPay only does BTC.

However… maybe some of their open-source projects would be useful to fork and adapt for z2zcash?


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I believe BitPay intend to add more currencies. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitpay-ceo-platform-will-support-more-cryptocurrencies-and-possibly-lightning-network