Process/way to accept zec as payment for services through website?

Is there a (easy) way to start accepting zec as payment toward a services through a website in an automated way ? Something like bitmain payment where a new or reusable address is created for every user and payment is verified automatically … sending a mail as confirmation…

The BannerCoin project is enabling ZEC payment acceptance by merchants -

There are a few services that allow websites to accept Zcash as payment. See the “merchant services” section on this page

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I wonder if there are services that let you wait for verifications. Because when you for example want to let them pay for an ebook and don’t want to have their email address you need to make sure they only see the download link when the transaction has verifications.

Cryptonator makes a lot of sense currently… will see how it can be implemented and integrated to the website… thank you