Metadata on the blockchain


Is zaddress memo field the only way currently to add metadata to the ZEC transactions?

In the case of needing public disclosure of certain transfer commitments, I’m looking for an option other than having to provide memo keys.

I’m currently researching swaps that are facilitated by THORchain ecosystem and they rely on data fields that blockchains embed into their TXs.

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Last I checked, Zcash supports OP_RETURN inherited from Bitcoin. It’s limited to 83 bytes IIRC

We actually used it awhile back for miner signaling/voting for a proposed ZIP.

Thanks @Shawn - It seems like this may only be for the submitblock RPC in mining.

I’ll keep looking, may even require dipping into codebase, but I don’t see how to add OP_RETURN in a TX. Are you able to share more details about it? Thanks!