Michael "Brunchtime" Harms for ZCG

Hi everyone.

I’m going to run for a second term on ZCG. Working with the committee in 2022 has been humbling, an honor, and a privilege. I think we did a good job. UX and price action have not been great recently, but these challenges are transient, and I see a lot of reasons to be more optimistic than ever about the future of ZEC.

This Year’s Highlights:
I consider the Global Ambassador Program a great success in building grassroots community, as well as maintaining a consistent online pulse of positive news updates on Twitter. @yoditar has blown me away as the program lead, and I think we get incredible value for each ZEC we send to our cool and energetic ambassadors. So proud of what’s been built here.

ZSAs are becoming real, and I think they’re the most exciting thing happening in ZEC’s near future. They could be the catalyst that energizes creative, talented Web3 developers, and gets them innovating in the world of strong privacy.

Ywallet is now listed on z.cash, ZCG funded, well-documented, and performant, and helping users get through the current high-network-traffic reality we’re in.

Having @earthrise as a ZCG-funded Ecosystem Security resource is fantastic. I was really impressed with Taylor’s first executive-level audit rundown (of Ywallet) with ZCG and excited to see what comes next.

Next year thoughts:
Think bigger. Think major. Now that Qedit and ZSAs are feeling more real and imminent, I see why MAJOR grants were the original aim of the project.

I’d always been charmed by the idea of small grants, regular people getting compensated for smaller efforts but the reality is that there’s considerable overhead involved in actually running the grants, and it’s costly to work through the details. In the Ambassador Program (GAP), we’ve managed to combine value (bang for the buck) and investing in individuals in a program that’s partially self-managing. Feels good. Hoping we can lean into this and expand further.

I’ve been proud to serve on ZCG this year and I’m grateful to you all for putting your trust in me thus far. There’s much more to do, and I’ll be honored to serve another year if elected again. I will continue to do my best for all of us in ZEC.

Big thanks to the 2022 @ZcashGrants committee for your work and to @ZcashFoundation for helping us to make it all real.


Michael is probably the best listener I’ve ever worked with, but that didn’t make him a yes-man. I’ve learned so much from Mike, to speak up where it matters, make the obvious elephant in the room visible, and still have empathy for every grant applicant. You deserve to be on the ZCG committee!


Michael has continued to bring creative energy to the space for years! It is very exciting to see this app!