Michael "Brunchtime" Harms for ZCG (December 2023)

Good day all,

I’m writing this to formally announce my standing for ZCG 2024. Being on ZCG has been an educational, humbling, unique challenge that’s been a thrill to participate in, and it’d be a joy to continue doing it!

To be totally frank, it’s been a challenging year for us on ZCG. ECC’s restructuring and our resulting shifts in priorities, the widespread crypto bear market, and the continued languishing ZEC price. Our budget is small, and in my opinion, we need to laser-focus in 2024 and make strong plays on big changes that will bring meaningful value to the ecosystem.

I think these are the biggest priorities:

Programmability: We’ve funded QEDIT significantly. Their work is challenging, and having to transition to Zebra threw a wrench in the works. But on the whole, this is probably the most important thing that can happen for Zcash. It has near limitless potential, and it’s a nut that’s not yet been cracked in the context of a private L1. I think this is our best chance of finding product-market fit.

Coinholder Voting: If we’re going to extend the dev fund again, or even further, increase the % reward, I think the only credible way to do it is with coinholder voting. If this was tied to staking, and happened in the protocol, great. If this is memo-based and works via viewing keys per @adi ‘s RFP, I think that’s good enough. But I don’t think guaranteed trickle funding to nonprofit boards or vague democratic processes featuring the same personalities from the last 7 years can be credible. I’m not set on the implementation details, but in my mind, this is, in principle, a solid contender for focused ZCG spending in 2024.

I think programmability is our best shot at growth and relevance. I think coinholder voting (unweighted!) is our best shot at a credible dev fund. The former is likely more important, but I think about both often.

So that’s me! I’m running! It’s hard to know exactly what fits in this post, but there are some thoughts above and I invite you to reply with any questions you have about me and my takes on ZCG or Zcash.

Thanks for putting your trust in me over the last 2 years. If elected, I will continue to do my best!