Mined ZEC to Kraken delay


How much time is needed for kraken to receive my deposit?

It has been nore than 2 hours and still no action.

address, minimum payout and other details are correct..

In my opinion you should not mine directly to an exchange ever.
Someone may offer more of a technical reason why, but honestly, that's too much trust in the exchange and their systems. It also complicates and adds risk to an otherwise simple process.
Now for more sourced answer, kraken's website says it can be done, but addresses expire, so you have to be extra careful:

On a separate page, they specifically say they are not responsible for funds sent to an expired address. Now the addresses don't seem to expire due to time, but user action of creating more addresses. So depending on how you use your account, you addresses might not be at risk of expiring

Again, I would revise your mining flow, but there is the best fact based info I could provide.

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Found this after i replied. This should help some too

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Thank you for your time and interest, unfortonately address is not expired and still no ZEC in my account.. Any ideas? when i search my address at flypool everything seems normal.

I would see if you can find the transaction using a blockchain explorer. If you see the transaction, then I would get in contact with Kraken and see if support can give you some answers and provide them with what you found. If you don't see the transaction, then I would double check the address you had the pool send the coins to, and if that looks right, reach out to the pool and and explain you dont see where they sent the coins.
I'm still new to a lot of this but learning quickly. So this may or may not be the best way to handle this. But i would logic that if you see the transfer on the blockchain, then Kraken did not credit you properly, if you dont see it, then the pool didn't send it properly.
Let me know how it turns out so I can learn if this worked. Thanks!

Confirmed, do not know why it took so long, everything works fine now. Thanx

@posotikh How long did it take for your payment to show up on Kraken? I also mined into Kraken and it has been 6 hours, I don’t see any deposit yet.

I have same problem with ZEC funding to Kraken account too. I made support ticket yesterday evening, but no reaction or information yet.

however, i do not recomend mining directly into exchange