Miner- [NiceHash] Zcash CPU/GPU for Linux and Windows

Hey, 8 days ago you’ve said “we did some progress on OpenCL miner (R9 380)” and then showed 25 sol/s for that card. And that was NOT silentarmy kernel, as far as I remember. Where is that progress? Your current miner does 50% less :frowning:

mrwiggles5h nicehashdev
will you be incorporating this into the gui miner you have available on your website?.

It is already in for several days.

To be clear, the silent army version is in the gui miner, already in for several days?

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Is it more stable then genoil’s one? :slight_smile: Does compile is worth doing?

Hi, how can I use this miner from behind a proxy? How should it be configured?

I'm having an issue where nheqminer_zcash is crashing after executing my batch file with -cd 0 included (to utilize my GTX 970). Here is the batch file:

nheqminer_zcash -l usa -u t2UNzUUx8mWBCRYPRezvA363EYXyEpHokyi -t 6 -cd 0

If I remove -cd 0 it runs perfectly fine with only the CPU. Thoughts?

hm… unable to download amd sdk 3.0 cuse problems on netdna-cdn.com, and it crashes after run with amd 2.9 :frowning:
also we need to remove libs in link properties if we build for a ocl_xml or cuda (may be add it to readme.md).

2all: if you have AMD-APP-SDKInstaller-v3.0.130.135-GA-windows-F-x64.exe upload it please somewhere…

Is there any update on the miner comming soon can not get my gtx 780 x3 online gives 0/sol's
any tips ?

try those dlls :slight_smile:

what do you think ? is this good
specs gaming laptop
980m 8gb
i7 4790 cpu

40 sols .. very nice. .. but dont forget to keep your laptop cool ..



it went to 97c in CPU , since its destop cpu it can handle to 106c, i turned on max fan speed and it went back to 88c ... but how do i convert those to real money , example to send to paypal account ?

first convert to btc , convert btc to usd

or directly to usd from exchange

you you send me links dude !! thank you for your help !!
gmail : lummujaj@gmail.com

I have added support for older NVIDIA cards; you can get the bins here: https://github.com/nicehash/nheqminer/releases/tag/0.3b (or source is on github)

Let me know if old NVIDIA cards work; you may need to tune -cb and -ct to get proper speeds.

fermi card cuda 2.1 geforce 710m

geforce 710m 2300 I/s 0 S/s

Try various -cb and -ct (start with low values), -ct shall be power of 2, such as 16, 32, 64 etc...

tried -cb 1 -ct 2 ....... also -cb 2 -ct 2

both doesnt work.

-ct 2 will be too small I guess, needs to be at least like 16 or more...

i ve looked at code.there is no support for compute 2.1 problem is this

There is, Release7.5 of cuda_tromp will generate for compute 2.1 and sm 2.1 and would create cuda_tromp_75.dll.