Miner- [NiceHash] Zcash CPU/GPU for Linux and Windows

ok it works with cb 4 ct 12 many thanks ^^

but now i restarted with same conf and its 0 :frowning:

what is cb and ct resposimble for ? and how to set this values for gtx 1060 6gb

Using the Nicehash stratum pool. Three questions.

  1. What does "ignoring non-clean job [#fff*]" mean? I get it frequently. Is it an issue with MY miner, or...? Does it matter?


  1. Is the CPU thread count recommendation still 75% of your logical processors? If so, why? (If not, why did it used to be?)

  2. What happens if I use the same username (read: zcash address, in this case) on two different machines?

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  1. It means that pool sent a job that is not mandatory to switch to (but only optional). Since miners never run out of nonce range, nheqminer simply ignores such jobs; this trick can give you a bit of extra performance, since your current work is not cancelled and restarted like with other miners.

  2. With Xenoncat no, the best is to use all threads. But it again depends on CPU; CPUs with very high amount of cores still need this value a bit lower. Best is to experiment to find best hashrate.

  3. It is allowed, everything will work fine.

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Awesome, and thanks for the quick reply.

Mac verision:

Silentarmy kernel in: https://github.com/nicehash/nheqminer/releases/tag/0.4a

Also, linux release is very very close, probably tomorrow.

Works GREAT but only on one GPU, using more then 1 quits the program

Can you try to delete OpenCL.dll that comes with the archive? It may be the issue...

I'm getting this running rx 480:

[15:59:54][0x00000be4] Speed [300 sec]: 43.5469 I/s, 0 Sols/s

Is this the standard no pool but yours policy ?

Yes, DELETING OpenCL.DLL makes it use all GPUs.


Was working GREAT for 1 minute and then this happens…

Can I use this on Nanopool?

It can be used everywhere.

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Where do you mine? Which pool?

Your pool

-l equihash.usa.nicehash.com:3357

GPUs are running but zero sols/s, any idea whats happening?

(I'm mining on nh btw)

Using device 0 as GPU 0
Using device 1 as GPU 0

Is this standard ?