Miner- Optiminer/Zcash GPU miner v1.7!

Compile a Windows version and I'll test run it immediately and verify hash rate on 290/390/nano/fury


I can verify on RX480/Fury/FuryX

Ubuntu 16.04.1, 1x RX470 4GB (amdgpu-pro 16.40-348864), it crashes right after start:

test@m1:~/opt/optiminer-zcash$ ./optiminer-zcash -s eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u t1Yszagk1jBjdyPfs2GxXx1GWcfn6fdTuFJ -p x
2016-11-12 12:36:10,019 FATAL [default] CRASH HANDLED; Application has crashed due to [SIGSEGV] signal
2016-11-12 12:36:10,019 WARN  [default] Aborting application. Reason: Fatal log at [../logging/easylogging++.h:5627]
Aborted (core dumped)

ok but at least tell us what the dev fee is. . i understand its hidden, but what is it?

2x RX 470 4g: 210 S/s

It runs 2 instances per card.

Speed confirmed on pool side

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"I have a dev fee, but I'm not going to tell you how much it is" Probably around 10-20%. Still makes this worthwhile, but if he points it out he knows people wont try or use it so he's not saying anything.

Someone on Bitcointalk

furyx stock
2016-11-12 14:42:27,662 INFO [default] GPU0 98.0 I/s 188.0 S/s (1s) 98.0 I/s 182.8 S/s (1m)
2016-11-12 14:42:27,742 INFO [default] GPU1 98.0 I/s 190.0 S/s (1s) 98.0 I/s 184.8 S/s (1m)
2016-11-12 14:42:30,435 INFO [default] GPU2 98.0 I/s 182.0 S/s (1s) 98.1 I/s 181.4 S/s (1m)

rx480-8g mod strap
2016-11-12 14:44:03,390 INFO [default] GPU3 57.0 I/s 112.0 S/s (1s) 57.1 I/s 107.5 S/s (1m)
2016-11-12 14:44:03,427 INFO [default] GPU0 54.0 I/s 109.0 S/s (1s) 56.0 I/s 106.8 S/s (1m)
2016-11-12 14:44:03,429 INFO [default] GPU1 54.0 I/s 100.0 S/s (1s) 57.0 I/s 104.5 S/s (1m)
2016-11-12 14:44:03,434 INFO [default] GPU2 54.0 I/s 123.0 S/s (1s) 56.7 I/s 107.6 S/s (1m)

rx470-4g mod strap
2016-11-12 14:44:48,639 INFO [default] GPU3 47.0 I/s 81.0 S/s (1s) 47.6 I/s 88.9 S/s (1m)
2016-11-12 14:44:50,942 INFO [default] GPU4 47.0 I/s 95.0 S/s (1s) 46.9 I/s 85.8 S/s (1m)

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Well i revers engeneer it.

Which thread is that on btctalk?


+1 for windows version

Another clone of opencl miner. So what do you guys think? 10-20% to an shady dev or full with opensource and no fee? /cc @mrb

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Where is the original one without fee?

Silentarmy v5 :slight_smile:
20 chars

Feels like it is 15% , but still nice to see there is still room upwards :slight_smile:

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There is definitly more room upwards. Wait a few weeks and we see 500 sol/s or more.

Thank you very much.
A job really awesome, you are excellent!

Impressive speed, but after 30 minutes, one of my powercolor 480/8G shut down due to overheat and the other scaled back to 50H/s while maintaining 80C. I know powercolor has its own temp issues, but without some way to control the intensity or similar, I can't just let this drive my system until it smokes.

I was running sensors to monitor temps, but without a good aticonfig tool, it's a pain to adjust all the settings to control the GPUs. I look forward to seeing a more full featured version of this miner.

Might want to use this https://github.com/DominiLux/amdgpu-pro-fans and set all fans high.

Yeah, I would do that, but this powercolor rig is my canary test rig on its own network and power for new miners and such. I try not to adjust anything on first run and if it all goes well, I try the miner on my real sapphire and msi rigs. I don't really have the time to monitor all the stuff and since this is running in my basement, noise and heat are real issues.

Has anyone gotten power draw numbers? I moved my killawatt to another system. Even though OP thinks H/s is all miners care about, I care about power and heat just as much.

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