Miner QA/QC: Best Practices

Curious to know what y’all do with regards to regular mining rig Quality Assurance/Quality Control. Specifically, I’m wondering if you employ measures like monthly Windows Updates (for Windows users, naturally), Driver Updates, Computer Restarts, etc. …or do you just let them go until a crash, and then restart them and get back to it. I’m asking from a place of ignorance, as I have never pushed electronics like this before (24/7 for weeks and weeks at a time).

Said another way…what best practices have you developed, and if you’re willing to share, what is the basis for each?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

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I setup my rigs with the most current version of the O/S, the mining software, and the drivers that I need for my GPU.

I turn off O/S updates, never update drivers, and only update the mining software if it says there is a performance increase. When that happens I install them in a separate folder.

I setup a scheduled task to reboot the system every 7 days, just to clear the logs and reset any possible open connections