Windows 7 vs windows 10

I just set up a second rig with 1080’s and 1080ti running under windows 7 x64. I have noticed that each time it starts up i get around 850 sol/s from the TI cards and about 620 from the 1080’s but it only lasts about 3 to 5 minutes before slowing to the “normal” 730-750 sols and about 530 for the 1080’s is this “Normal” behavior for windows 7 or maybe i am getting a hardware bottleneck on this new board ASUS ROG strix b350-f. (yes i know its a cheap ass board but it works) my other rig has windows 10 and never does this, infact it takes a few minutes to wind up to full speed


most gpu’s run a little faster on startup… a true reading is one after 10 minutes

Brother use Windows 10 you don’t your rig to sttoped every time

well actually i am in the process of rolling one rig back to windows 7. as win 10 seems to be causing a lot of issues. it was ok but now takes over two hours to boot. tried all the fast start stuff turned off and it is getting worse by the day

I don’t know that it’s a windows 10 issue, but rolling back to 7 would hopefully clear anything that’s causing the issue.

It could be other things though:
1 Virus/malware - are you running protection? Do you do anything else besides mine on your box?
2 Hard drive malfunction - are you using a standard HD or an SSD? Sometimes old HD will stop spinning up to full speed etc

Have it back to windows 7 and then upgrade back to 10 again so we will see how it goes this time

The machine only does mining, nothing else is installed and its in a DMZ on my network. Tried windows

7 which I have running nicely on my other rig, all I did was load windows and the ew miner and it ran perfectly

First go. The rig that is causing issues didn’t want to run on win 7 the miner wouldnt even start but runs ok with win10

So I guess I am stuck with 10 I have ripped as much of the extra stuff back out of win 10 as I can and it seems happy now

Thanks for the help

Install Linux, one of my rigs has 19 days uptime now. I was keep trying other things and restarting, otherwise it would be a month - which is first boot after driver install :smile: Now, still mining. Also I’m running Zcash node on CPU. Even if I connect screen, it doesn’t affect GPUs because I use bumblebee.

If you want a solid rock system, install Ubuntu 16.04.

If you are not familiar, it can be little bit hard on first times, but You are gonna like it.

What about cloud mining? I found Hashflare service for mining ZCash, Has anyone already tried this service?
I read about this service on site - Hashflare review

I used to run suse linux on my servers when i was doing admin work
loved it as it never crashed or needed reboots

am getting closer to having a look at it every day,

I have an uneasy truce with windows going ATM
also looking at SMOS

I don’t easily trust Simple Mining Operating Systems. I definitely prefer installing and controlling my own OS. Installing drivers/building codes, even kernel etc. Even my Personal Laptop is Linux. And also I’m mining on my personal laptop too because it’s already open 7/24h :smiley: It doesn’t make so much money but at least, better than eating power without doing anything.