Miner- Zogminer: Linux SILENTARMY


Im disposing these cards but I still have some rigs full of it and its idle.

I think "solardiz" is a judge on zcashminer challenge and he claimed to run zogminer on HD7790(zcash-miner-dev@zcashcommunity.slack.com) so it is still possible for 280's. Such a waste if this wont be put to good use.


is that 16.04 or 14.04. amd-pro or flgrx driver?


Thank you! Helped :slight_smile:


I am still trying to run this miner on nvidia cards but no luck. With GTX750Ti I get the following error:

Kernel run took 10 ms. (0 H/s)

Any suggestion?
thanks in advance


If you're using 2 threads, i.e -genproclimit=2 set it to 1.
Your card may not have enough memory ( <4GB).

Otherwise if you're using catalyst drivers, try convert to amdgpu-pro drivers.


The kernel we are using, SILENTARMY doesn't support these right now.
See https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/silentarmy-45-7-sol-s-with-one-r9-nano/3580


which branch is actual ?? i use master but always havre opencl_error..


What I am doing wrong? Do not see hashrate


I've tested with both amd-pro and flgrx drivers. Both work. Provided you're on a GCN 2nd gen and above card


This Repo: master or multi-solo branch


Are you using the branch multi-solo like I mentioned?
Did you specify the -G flag?
Did you first download the blockchain zcashd -gen=0 and let it go?
Are you using a GCN 2nd gen card?


is this miner for solo mining ? or does it support pools ? stratum ?


same problem with 1070's and 970's. I have cuda 8 installed... and im not sure i could install catalyst drivers on these cards.
Thanks anyways


will it work with nouveau at linux ?


Sorry, I messed up the git. Created the local branch multi-solo instead checkouting yours.
Due to that repository changing it was a bit complicated to build :slight_smile:

Now getting 50 Sols/s on 2 x rx470 and counting !


Solo mining only?


I have the same. !!!!


Ну я не рекоммендую демьяна для майнинга на GPU. Поставь Ксубунту. Так же не рекоммендую майнить на них вообще сейчас. Графика выдает много ошибочных решений показывая якобы высокую производительность. У меня 5 атлонов по 3 ГГц дают 40 хэшей в секунду, а стоят 2 процессора как один видеоускоритель, но едят электричества существенно меньше. Интуитивно чувствовал что не нужно с гпу связваться в начале.

Руссифицированная консоль это конечно нечто :).


Did you find a solution to this? I am having the same issue with the same cards (270x)


No, I have not. I suppose it would be right to use Genoil's closed miner for windows.