Tromp's solvers

I'm happy to open source my solvers in exchange for a 20% community contribution to the Cuckoo Cycle Bounty Fund, which will offer up to 100 BTC in bounties for disproving my claims of the Cuckoo Cycle proof-of-work being optimization free. See

for details on the existing bounties. The remaining 80BTC, if claimed, will be at my personal expense. The fund allows for significantly raising the reward for a performance doubling from the current $500 to a much more enticing 10BTC, and will scale with the 2-logarithm of the actual improvement, so that a 1024x speedup (or memory reduction) can claim the maximum 10*10BTC payout.

The bounties would be guaranteed for at least 4 years, plenty of time to encourage some serious attacks on Cuckoo Cycle.

While you're all no doubt keen on supporting advances in crypto-currency research, you may also be curious to see some well optimized Equihash solvers, to which end I offer the following in return.

On a 4Ghz Intel Core i7, one of my CPU solvers reaches 2 Sol/s single-threaded, 4.3 Sol/s 4-threaded, and 6.7 Sol/s 8-threaded, while another solver reaches 5.14 Sol/GBs single threaded for peak memory.

On an Nvidia GTX980, my CUDA solver reaches 17.6 Sol/s.

Open sourcing these solvers will take place if donations reach 20 BTC by noon Oct 14 (with a possible one day extension if the goal looks within reach at that time). If the goal is not met then donations will be returned (unless you're happy to unconditionally support Cuckoo Cycle bounties).

There are multiple ways to make donations. The escrow options are detailed in cryptogoth's companion post at

while those who trust me with their donations can contribute directly to
the Cuckoo Cycle Bounty Fund bitcoin address



Apologies for the delay, I'm still waiting for my mainnet node to sync. I'll keep you updated here with the details of the smart contract. People who want to can publicly post their donations below, with links to transactions on blockchain explorers, and I'll bump up the smart contract accordingly.

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OK, let get this started - 1 BTC on it's way :

Even if you don't make the target (which I doubt) - keep the BTC and thanks for giving us all the chance to have access to a competitive solver/miner.


Later tonight, I'll be uploading a contract to Ethereum mainnet to raise 20 BTC for open sourcing John Tromp's GPU miner, with a deadline of 14 October 2016 (in less than four days) at 12noon EDT (16:00 UTC). I'll do a test run through several accounts I own and any volunteers who happen to be awake, then I'll post the annotated transcript from the blockchain to explain how the contract works. The contract will accept contributions in ETH, and OgNasty will accept contributions in BTC. Both w…

Before donating to be sure, the CPU miner will be open sourced as well if the funds are reached correct?

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Could we get an official one day extension on the donation time then? 3 days is a short time especially if the escrow has taken an extra day. I know I don't even check these forums for a few days at a time (and I am sure others do the same)


+1 @squarenapkin ...on this forum you can almost feel that urge of the sellers to take our money before oct 14th, I really do not understand why :wink:

Let's wait for that date, then we can bid if the mining contest only propose underperforming software.

I'd be glad to participate in OSS funding after this date.

I will extend the deadline from noon Oct 14 to noon Oct 15 if the crowdfund has reached 13.3 BTC by the former time.

And yes, the open sourcing is for both the CPU solvers and the GPU solver.

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Now at 17.9 Sol/s ...


im in, will send what i can, .1BTC to your address ASAP

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Does it support OpenCl?

i went ahead and sent .2 BTC instead to your address tromp, TXID 2e7faf7b9c51259585abed41a7f9bea8fc22bfdd8fb088d87deeca22f193719d
thank you for your hard work on this
<3 the zcash community


I will contribute but I need to take more time reading. Everything is going fast now. Very good.

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how are we looking now tromp? how much has been donated?

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So far 1.2 bitcoins, by the looks of things.

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1.2099 BTC so far.

Thanks for your support, @nethyb and @jdh015232 !

I'll have a go at supporting (144,5) in the next few days...

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I want to donate!

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GPU now at 20.3 Sol/s ...

@dannygroove no openCL from me...


Hi all, I am in the final stages of running the Ethereum automated contract for crowdfunding the open-sourcing of Tromp's solvers, to fund his Cuckoo Cycle bounties. For those of you who trust Tromp (which I do), you can donate to him directly via BTC. For those who trust OgNasty, our requested arbiter, we will post a new address soon.

For those who think trust is nice but would rather back it up with an unstoppable, distributed world multicomputer, our Ethereum contract will accept ETH (which you can convert into via and if passed, will send these funds to OgNasty in BTC (again using Shapeshift).

I'm currently waiting for my geth node to sync, as parity appears to have problems accepting Solidity contracts compiled to the geth standard. Let me know if you have questions, or feel free to just voice your support. Tromp and I will keep posting updates in this thread.


no prob. thanks for all your hard work! lets keep up the momentum. i am going to donate more once i am able to, i am a little tight at the moment, been catching up on bills


I have created a new address to have funds sent into escrow for this Cuckoo Cycle Bounty Fund. Please send BTC to: 1CuckooXgybSYaP8tVd1MQjEumMeV9kDp4

Please make sure to send funds from a wallet that you control. In the event that not enough funds are raised, I will be refunding the sending addresses.

I've also signed a statement below confirming this information.

Hash: SHA256

The address 1CuckooXgybSYaP8tVd1MQjEumMeV9kDp4 has been generated by OgNasty for the Cuckoo Cycle Bounty Fund campaign here and will be accepting donations until the campaign is complete. Please make sure to send funds from a wallet that you control. In the event that not enough funds are raised, I will be refunding the sending addresses.
Version: GnuPG v2