Miner- Zogminer: Linux SILENTARMY

Great job as usual. Not to squeeze it past 30H/s :slight_smile:

I have to rx 480 and they pull about 166 watts each. My r9 290's pull about 280 watts each.

Mine pull 83-90w mining Ethereum

I mean how much does it pull mining ZCASH compared to ETH?

Same power consumption? Less ? More?

Should be roughly the same , is my guess

No different algorithms use different amounts of power.

Scrypt used almost 300Watts on a R9 280X. While ETH used 175Watts on the same card.

is the GPU AMD miner compatible with 14.0x Ubuntu? I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your contributions.

Any of you people are actually mining with the zog miner if so let me know!!

guia to run this???? is the same that Zminer??? same comands???

Hi, i am getting the following problem. Its not getting into OpenCL mode;

Zcash Miner version v1.0.0-beta2-00e562c (2016-10-24 16:56:16 +0200)
Connecting to stratum server zmine.io:1337
Starting miner
ZcashMinerThread started
Subscribed to stratum server
Target set to 0fffffff00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Received new job #1238-1477329994
Authorized worker tmGUdN9CE1wNb7znydNHYiyw8VzqmApnLrp
Running Equihash solver with nNonce = 000000000000000000000000000000006f01000000 0000000000000000000000
Generating first list
Round 1:

Sorting list
Finding collisions Round 2:
Sorting list
Finding collisions Round 3:
Sorting list
Finding collisions Round 4:
Sorting list
Finding collisions Round 5:
Sorting list
Finding collisions Round 6:
Sorting list
Finding collisions Round 7:
Sorting list
Finding collisions Round 8:
Sorting list ^Z

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I really need help guys :confused: i installed now 4 times ubuntu and always fail on installing the amd drivers.... could someone please be so nice to help me over teamviewer? add me on skype please ticer89


I saw that and it always fails... Also my R9 280x is not listed there is it still supported for that driver?
I also tried ubuntu 14.04 but there it also fails with the install sh and many tutorials.

@voxelot @tromp
What do people want to see happen with this miner before release?

I want to see it perform ≥ toomim's miner or at least close, and I, as well as most of people in the forum want an easy 1-click Windows exe.

I propose we crowdfund 50-100BTC and set bounties on each goal.
I'm not sure whether the goals should be optimization on a per GPU basis...

What are you thoughts on the best route and who do we get to escrow?
I'm presently thinking 20% to original devs for continued work, 60% optimization bounties & 20% Windows implementation, but I'm sure I'm missing goals and probably overestimating what it takes to implement on Windows.

All thoughts welcomed.

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I'm pretty much open to all bounty ideas and rules. I will say that i'm incredibly busy trying to get the miner ready, I am not sure if those goals can be met by launch

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Two things I've tried and now avoid: trying to run GPU-PRO drivers on Ubu14 and trying to use GPU-PRO drivers with anything other than RX 470/480 cards.

I now stick with the Ubu14/15 and Catalyst 15.12 drivers for all AMD GPUs except the new 470/480 cards and only Ubu16 with GPU-PRO drivers on rigs with 470/480 cards.

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Performance bounty yes. No need to bounty a Windows installer. There are multiple community members that can do that in an afternoon.

I also think a more realistic bounty is better than a lofty one that is not filled.

Let's start with 25 BTC or so, enough money to put some beer and burgers on the table for the developers. Then we can do month-by-month optimization bounties.

I agree for a performance bounty and I will contribute if there is one.

Who do we get to escrow? I'd be happy to, but I'm not sure it would look good unless we have a known escrow.

Just to be clear before leaving this thread for work.

Our solver is currently doing 13.5H/s on an rx480 with a few improvements I have locally. We are currently sorting out an issue where one indices pair in the 512 indices solution is ordered incorrectly. But after that everything is ready mine on testnet.

There was a tromp opencl solver released today claiming 18H/s on an rx480. I have not tested this and I have no idea if anyone has tried passing these solutions through zcash validators.

There is a closed solver from genoli claiming 28H/s, I know nothing about this really.

I have an approach that I am trying today after finding that index order bug that could greatly improve our hash rate. All bounties or funds to keep us developing are appreciated. This approach has not been seen yet for solving equihash, if it is what toomim is doing then we are set. But who knows