Miners of Zcash let's fork and get 100% of what we mine. It's easy

This article? Zcash Miners: Stop Paying 20% “Genius Tax” | by Rhett Creighton | Decentralize.Today | Medium


I opened a thread simultaneously with the same question in mind :slight_smile:

How they (founders, developers, investors) pretend to not to be forked ?

Ok, zcash is a trademark, but it does not seem a big deal…



I’d be up for this as well. I am very new to mining and just started mining ETC on a GTX 950(got a GTX 570 as well but not enough memory to mine ETC on it). I am very knowledgeable PC hardware/software wise, if you guys want to all pool together for zcash I’d love to join and can even get some other people to join in as well. Not paying anything extra for power in my apartment and I am living in Canada.

Let me know,


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Yes 20% tax is bad. But by sucsessfully forking we would remove incentive of Zcash team to continue working. Zerocash is totally new technology and not many people has enough competence to work on it. How would we have it improved and maintained in the future?

I hope you know, that they do all work what they intend to do, and that hype coin was released only to get profit from hype, as you see now all work doing pools developers and ordinary peoples, they not do any work, only gain profit, and year after they will release another coin, it is new bussiness model to gain most doing least

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I’m in. My xeons are ready. Zcash classic will definitely be successful!

The reality is that markets decide price not developers, especially in a decentralized environment. I think the fact that they set the price rather than allowing people to donate or set their own contribution % is just economic ignorance on their part.

Like it or not devs have direct influence on price. Look at what happened to ethereum. If devs decide to tighten supply watch what happens to the price. If devs decide to dump their easy money they collected from 20% tax watch what happens to the price.

You can’t expect developer team to do all the work. There must be third party developers contributing to ecosystem just like Bitcoin. The taks of Zcash company is maintaining and improving the core reference of protocol, they are not obligated to make any mining software.

Will those in favour be getting 100% of a coin worth more than %80 of Zcash?

I not talking about mining, is that first their coin? for what purpose they released? what it have what not have other coins? will it be widespread, or just few pools and exchange market?
It is clear that they copy other coins only just get profit, not for release any usable coin… 90% of their work was marketing

Which coin is Zcash copied from?

I not mean copycat, just do some algo, do marketing and sell, they saw that bunch of new coins just do nothing, but on release get higher value and they thought why not get investors for get more marketing? They created nice site, nice hype, maybe even prepared cloud mining, and that work ended with release, after a year this coin will die, because investors will get their revenue, and they will move to release next coin

When did the founders reward become 20 percent ?

In this blog post it’s 10 percent

who knows, if i didnt trace payouts of pool i would not know that they get 20%

The founder’s reward will be 20% for the first four years. After that it will be zero so that initial 20% will approach 10% of the total supply over time.

Lets say you fork, which one will be recognized by exchanges and other parties?

Argh yes 90% of total supply over time goes to miners 20 percent in first 4 years to founders and investors receiving 1.6% of that over the first year.

I’m all in, mining already started:

you can mine on coinmine and other pool. 20% is too much

Great, things are moving quickly as predicted Consensual Currency - Electric Coin Company

Is there any OC trade ?