Zcash will not survive

“All coins are created equal.”
“All coins should be equally accessible.”

the above statements are not true.
this whole community is infested with money hungry assholes and scammers!

why i opt out of zcash and why everyone else should do so:

  1. slow start (very bad for small miners, since investors pushed the price at beginning to encourage big miners)
  2. founders reward (20% of all coins ever created) [Moderator edit by @daira: this is incorrect; the Founders’ Reward is 10% of all coins ever created.]
  3. closed source miner software with dev-fees
  4. closed source miner software with hardcoded pools
  5. cloud mining scams

What will survive ?
Interested to see what you want to shill :joy:


1: I’m not sure what is your logic behind it. The only thing slow start does is pushing the hyped price even more due to limited supply.

2: 20% in first 4 years, but i agree that’s still bad.

3 and 4: That’s normal for a lof of altcoin, third party devs have every right to financially benefit from their works.

5: Cloud mining scam is unfortunate but it does happen all the time, even with Bitcoin.

1 ZEC above 2 BTC in the early days, with a lot of miningpower you can earn a lot of money, while the smaller ones must wait for their first 0,001 ZEC. Now you only get 0,24 BTC for a ZEC.

What a brilliant statement. You will not survive either.

  1. Slow start is a positive thing.
  2. This is much better than the previous versions of crypto currencies where you have had “pre-mined” coins. That is on day 1 when everyone start mine:ing the developers already have 10000000 coins that they can dump on the market. With 20% dev fee the developers slowly get zCash over 4 years time and this gives them more incentive to actually work and develop the currency during this time instead of just sell it directly in the beginning and fuck off with their money. Check the the founders fee’s on the blockchain explorer. None of that money have been moved. It is all still on one and the same account. So none of the founders have touched or sold any zCash so far. Even though the price for 1 ZEC was over 3000 BTC at one point.
  3. Just because you have no talent does not mean that other people that are bright and have worked their ass off for a year on developing a miner should not be paid for their work. They can charge whatever they want. If people want to pay they have obviously done a good job worth that amount. Should you stop being paid for serving food at Burger King? “The problem with burger king is pre-made food that you have to pay a fee for!? Why not give it away?”…
  4. Again, a fee for their work. If you don’t like make your own miner or don’t use theirs. Use the software that some people give a away for free. Like open source. The founders actually paid for an open source contest with $30 000 in prize money to get the general public to get a better chance against larger commercial miners.
  5. Don’t be an idiot. Problem solved.

satoshi owns just under 5% of all bitcoin…

newsflash, all communities are infested.

out of all things you mentioned, this is the main caveat of zcash.
should have been the same cut as mine

no one is forcing you to use any of these; open miners are a thing.
if you spent a minute or 3 in /mining you’d find plenty which are often open about sharing their rig specs

slow start

Good reasons for it.

founders reward (20% of all coins ever created)

I’m glad people will be paid for their work.

closed source miner software with dev-fees
closed source miner software with hardcoded pools

I’ve been mining for over a week with open source miners and I guess I didn’t even realize that there were closed source ones.

I’ve noticed people coming out of the woodwork to attack Zcash. I think maybe they are large holders of something else, and want to maintain their priveleged position. ZEC is like gay marriage, if you don’t like it, then shut the fuck up and don’t get one.

This thread will not survive.


Man you’re best, im crying :joy:

And i totally agree with you.


Someone should say “Welcome to the real world”
Btw it survive… at least 4 years… investors need get some profit…

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This thread title reminds me of this old classic

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At first I puzzled over ‘All coins are created equal’ but have since come to take it as a reference to fungibility. All coin are created equal but, thanks to ledger analysis techniques, most crypto currencies carry the concept of ‘tainted coin’ - which has harmed fungibility.

Re: Your other belly-aching - welcome to the free market. If you’re looking for a participation award, you’re in the wrong place.

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That slogan was to help sell the idea of CPU mining to sucker in the crypto community to think ZEC mining and distribution would be fair. Reminds me of the sales pitch Vitalik used with ethereum and CPU mining, he would never mentioned the prospect of GPU miners taking over, least i never heard him give his genius thoughts on that prospect. It was all super fair CPU mining ignoring the potential for botnets, GPU’s rasing the difficulty and so on …

ps did you like my vdo, better than the one you shared, don’t you think?. :slight_smile:

Seems that way, but people with money invested don’t like that idea.

How do you get a conspiracy theory from ‘All coins are created equal’?

btw If you’re so sour about Zcash, why are you here?

And nope, I didn’t notice your video (assuming that is what ‘vdo’ is supposed to mean).

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Why always some1 come to cry? If u dont want mining Zcash, stop cry nd go back to ETH

I don’t resent Zcash the 20% tax being taken from the miners is just Zooko & Co’s way to ‘get rich or die tryin’.

No need to pretend it’s for some greater cause they ain’t foolin everyone :slight_smile:

opensource miners are faster now…

you can mine ZClassic, zooko says its good

everycoin has cloudmining scams

slow start is not that bad, and its going to be over soon enough…

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Lol is this your go to style after we had our chat?

Remind me of this classic


@daira Could you clarify whether it’s 10% or 20%, please?