Miners of Zcash let's fork and get 100% of what we mine. It's easy

I don't know if this zcash variant is a fork (creates a new blockchain), but for what i know we don't need a fork: the founders fee is not cabled on consensus rules then we only need a zcash client where the two lines that send the fee to the founders address are stripped and then we can mine on the "official" zcash chain getting the full coinbase.
This is what I'd like ...

its not possible, founders fee is a consensus rule, you need a separate chain. zclassic is exactly what you described, zcash client without those two lines, but started mining on other genesis block.

you can be more explicit... how the protocol ensures that the founders fee is created and is destined exactly that precise address?

How is this fork doing ?

the only problem with the fork from what I see, is that the price will start off low without the hype that was produced with the launch of ZCash...

and if ZEC is not really very profitable today, i dont think the fork would be either... better wait to see how low ZEC goes

let the slow start finish, then fork

I see mining pools, exchange and wallet are already in place so mining is possible today :smile:

Does anyone know, Is there a nicehash compatible zclassic pool ?

Honestly, what's the purpose of this?

  1. ZCash is valuable because of it's star studded development team. Take that development team away and congratulations you have the next shitcoin, pump & dump.

  2. ZClassic has already been instamined because they took away the slow start. So there is no fair distribution, just someone who is getting rich at dumb people's expense.

  3. The ZCash developers destroyed the toxic waste which would allow them to make more ZCash at will. Their reputations would be on the line had they not done that. What does the ZClassic team (if any?) have to lose?

  4. ZCash is just over a week old, there is no need for a "classic".

  5. Mining is worthless if there is no development. I am happy that the developers have a very real reason to keep the value of ZCash up to where it is profitable to mine. Because they take 20% they are as invested as we miners. 20% of nothing is nothing so they HAVE to develop to keep the gravy train rolling. This is essentially why without development and the dev fee, ZClassic is just a scamcoin.

  6. ZCash is a company with a trademark. Unlike the Ethereum Foundation, I'd suspect they would legally enforce their trademark.

Let them mine the next pump and dump, its 125 times more profitable of what I heard... :wink:

  1. The very nature of open source would see star studded core code downstreamed to Zclassic and vica versa. In fact it could be argued that Zclassic would be contributing to Zcash development.

  2. ZClassic is available for mining today anybody can join what's not fair about that again ?

  3. What would they have to gain, if they did that Zclassic would be worthless.

  4. Zcash is taking 20 percent from miners, 20 percent of the hashing power over four years.

  5. Zcash was priced around 15 USD per coin to investors <---- here is your scam coin

  6. ZcashCo's trademark is not infringed upon by Zclassic

any exchanges trading zclassic?

Yes, i beleive so, markets are open but no big exchanges yet,

Has a reddit page, https://www.reddit.com/r/ZClassic/