MSI Z270-A Pro 6 gpu Problem

Hi guys, msi z270 - a pro motherboard I am installing a 6 gpu system, but 2 cards I added to the system do not work, do you have any idea about the solution?

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In this system i have 3 Asus Rx-580 and 3 Asus Rx-480

I believe its been stated in several posts here that you CAN NOT run 4xx and 5xx together

You're wrong. I have 470 and 570 in 1 rig and it works as usual.

Not sure which variant do you have, but in order to get all GPUs to work in Carbon and M4, I had to flash the bios to the newest version. After that there were no problems. I never managed to get all GPUs working under Windows 10, but I only use Windows to flash and tune the cards, so I haven't really paid too much attention to this.

Iā€™m often mistaken and rarely wrong :sunny:

If you could please share with the group what you did to get this working, the last post from 14 to 17 days ago (and until your post i have not seen the contrary) mixing the 4xx and the 5xx would not work and mine properly

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Just make sure you flash the bios to the newest version. Use the image from official MSI site. There is plenty of guides over the net on how to flash the bios in Z170A. The only other important change in the settings is "Above 4G Decoding" in Settings > Advanced > PCI subsystem. In the newest MCI Z170A Carbon this settings got renamed to something like "4G Decoding / Crypto Currency Mining".

As far as I know getting multiple RX 4xx/5xx cards working with this board under Windows requires additional weird mangling of the AMD drivers (you need to combine different versions of drivers). I mine under Linux, and all the cards were visible without any problems.


Hey. Really haven'y got any problem. Just connected 4 570 and 3 470. Installed and patched 17.4.4 drivers and that's all. Rig is working stable.

I had the same problem and altering BIOS settings made no difference. I happened to try a BIOS update over the internet (off the top of one of the BIOS menu options) and then everything worked perfectly.

Hi guys , I solved the problem with correct driver installation , first I started system with 1 card without drivers then I put another 5 card and open 4g from bios settings after that I installed drivers like and system works fine


I forget one more thing from BIOS I selected Gen2 and 6 card works correct.

I am trying to build 6 GPU rigs on the MSI Z270 A-PRO Motherboard, and XFX RX 480 4GB GPUs.

I am using PiMP 2.1 OS built on Debian and this OS uses the latest AMD drivers.

So far, I am having problems with 2 of the rigs not mining with more than 3 GPUs for more than about 10 minutes. I noticed that the Sol/s for each of the GPUs installed on this MSI Z270 A-PRO motherboard via risers is lower than the Sol/s that I have observed these cards achieve when installed in other motherboards . I am seeing these GPUs provide 260-270 Sol/s vs. the usual 280- 290 Sol/s. The OS detects 4 GPUs and when the miner starts the 4 GPUs and they all mine, but then as time goes on one of the GPUs begins to get lower and lower Sol/s until that GPU drops out and is no longer mining.

I have spent the past week trying to troubleshoot the problem. I have downloaded the latest bios file from the MSI website and flashed it onto the Motherboard via the built in BIOS flash utility in the BIOS interface. I have changed the BIOS according to tips provided by other users: changed PEG ago Gen 2 and tried to enable above 4 G (crypto currency mining). When I enable above 4 G and reboot the system tris to load the OS but I get a black screen. When I disable above 4 G the OS boots as normal.

I have switched the risers out, switched the positions of the GPUs, and switched the settings in BIOS. Nothing seems to solve this'problem.

If anyone has been able to get 6 or more GPUs running and stable on this MSI Z270 A-PRO Motherboard I would love to learn the steps used to achieve this.

Thanks in advance!

I have similar problem with MSI Z270 A-PRO Motherboard. My system works stable with 4 gpus. However, when I add one or two gpu more, it fails in linux boot screen. I updated bios. I made changes in bios settings which are done for z170. Is there anyone solve this problem so far?

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Hi, can u already run 6 gpus on the MSI Z270 A-PRO Motherboard? I orderd one, otherwise i have to oder a different one soon :wink:

When I enable 4g my windows wont boot

I can confirm that the board works with 6 gpus without problems. Just enable above 4g decoding and put your PCI latency timer to 96, 16 for every card.

If you enable above 4g decoding after you installed windows or another OS you have to reinstall it. So first set your bios settings, than install your OS.

My only problem with the board is that I only get a monitor signal when I'm in windows and not before. If I unplug all gpus and plug it into the onboard graphics it works and I can edit the bios or install an OS.

last but not least, you need a kaby lake CPU for more than 4 gpus on z270, so Skylake won't work. I use the Pentium G4400.

Enable Above 4g Decoding and reinstall your Windows, PCIe latency timer on 96, PCIe gen 2, after the reinstallation it will initialize all your 6 gpus. What processor you got?

Without above 4g decoding you are not able to run more than 4 gpus.

For Windows installation unplug all your gpus and use the Igpu, if you have problems with no signal like me.

Got the same MB and installed in wrong order the OS and 4g....also got skylake CPU and in next days I will test 6gpu config so Ill let you know.

BTW: G4400 is a skylake...isnt it?

Yeah it works fine with skylake too and you are right.. Was my bad, I misread something or mixed some information together ^^

If you got any problems just reply here, I will try to help you as fast as I can.

Finally solved the problem with no signal on startup. When I disable both, windows 7 and win 10 support, and the BIOS runs in legacy compatibility mode, the screen will show up normally with all 6 gpus plugged in. I use ethos / Linux, so I don't need it. So normally a Windows based mining rig doesn't need it either.

@drx3brun, @skrijelj & tipanic

Guys, I gave credits for you in my article. I hope you don't mind: Harvester 1 - The Birth of an Ether Mining Rig

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