Mining Computer Set up!

Hello you all,

I already asked some infos about assembling a computer for mining

After some research (and some very kind answers) I decided for this set up (or at least, these seemed the best combinations):

-MOTHERBOARD: I am very undecided between

-GPU: I was thinking 4 GPU Sapphire Radeon Nitro Plus RX 480 4GB GDDR5 (220 each)

-CPU: Maybe an Intel Celeron G1840 Dual Core (36 euros) or you all think I should get a more decent processor? (

-PSU- Either a Zalman ZM1000-EBT 80Plus Gold 1000W Modular - Fuente/PSU (154 euros) or
EVGA 1000 GQ Power Supply (170 euros).
Also I was wondering if I could maybe get less W to save on price (I don’t know, for instance 650, but I heard I would need more)

-RAM: I thought about Kingston HyperX Fury Memorie DDR-III da 8 GB, PC 1600 (48 euros)

-SSD: you think I could do it with 120 GB SSD?
This was my choice SanDisk Plus Memoria a Stato Solido SSD da 120 GB (44 euros) here is the link:

CASE- I though about this one

I know I also need risers and molex cables.

If anyone could tell me what he think about this set up (it is going to cost around 1400) and if it could be profitable in any way he would do me a great favor.

Consider I am a beginner and I live in Italy that is why prices are so high.

Thank you all in advance, any suggestion is much appreciated.



Hi Ema

  1. pro btc board
  2. if you go 4G why not just get the 470s
  3. cpu is fine
  4. psu should be fine, though not looked at it nor used it, make sure it has everything you need but 1000W is fine for 4 cards
  5. 4G is fine, but sure 8 is always better
  6. SSD you can do it with a 60GB if using windows. 120 GB will leave room for a mining partition and a linux partition if you want to dual boot, so thats better IMO
  7. InWin makes Awesome cases, i have the 901, but how are you going to fit 4 GPUs in it?
    I can get you mining specific frames or cases ( adding server case tonight)
    I can also get you risers

goodluck and have fun mining


Hello cryptomined!

Yes I would love to get a case which can fit the 4 GPUs! If you are already selling it I would be very interested! Because I saw on your website you have the 6 GPU case. And also, if you can advice me on the right risers which I should get I am buying them from you for sure. Let me know because I am super interested!

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you dont need SSD to mine really…

Yea, but its nice… I got 80gb ssd makes it smoother and faster and cheap to buy!!! WHy not

yes I can get you that case or the open air frame, whichever you prefer. it is meant for 6 GPU but you can use it for 4 also :slight_smile:

risers you want the ver 006 ones, the ones that I can also get you :slight_smile: the normal ones are fine, you dont need the ones with “voltage regulator”

you can send me an email through if you have any questions about them and I can help you there or here, happy to help

an old p4 0$
used 3gram 0$
used 500w standar psu 0$
old hd7950 0$

cost 0$
roi Instant
rate 125hs

no need to scare newcomer with 1000$ pc :grin:

Wow! So you think just one GPU would be fine?

And, what is a p4 (sorry for the ignorance actually)

and also used 3gram

thank u for the alternative! it is maybe something I should be considering. :slight_smile:

if you’re willing to ship them international i’m willing to pay for the shipment for that price probably :slight_smile:

And also you think 500 W for the PSU are enough?

@gianlucamagna12 yup it does work ill post pics soon its a simple hardminer with simplemining got not even heat issue

p4 stand for pentium4 i use a amd64 p4 processor
for power always add 100+w for the pc itself so hd7950 @250w +100w pc = 350w used

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Kindly post your GPU Hardware and Solution / s for each gpu performance. So everyones will benifit to this informations you will provied.


MSI. GTX1080. 58-60 11/28/2016

Powercolor r9 nano 275 sol/s 27/11/16


Сase does not need.

Need open frame.

Thank you very much 5th dimension, you were very kind! I am trying your alternative!

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i am just getting started in this, and i find this post with hardware specs usefull. im trying to configure a system for myself this days.

Probably a cheap computer could be made with these components:







What do you think about this? Shall cost around 350-400… But I also need risers… With one GPU one is enough right?

Also, if anyone is selling any old GPU like that HD 7950, I would be interested cause at this point since I have to learn the whole process I will make a cheap computer in order to understand things better and not mess up. Any advice is much appreciated!!



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3 GB RAM very easy to find.

r9 nano 325 sol/s
v9.1 claymore