Piecing together my rig(s), what do you think? (updated12/19/16)

EDITED 12/19/16, My rig is coming together

Hey everyone,

I'm starting to piece together a mining rig here's what I ordered, planned, and thinking about:


System Setup:

  • Motherboard: Asrock H81 Pro BTC R 2.0
  • CPU: Intel Pentium G3258
  • 16GB of RAM (2x8GB... I have plans...I know it's overkill for now)
  • SSD Sandisk PLUS 120GB ( I know it's overkill, but I got it for as cheap as a HDD, $44 USD)

GPU Processing:
* 3 X GPU: Sapphire Nitro Radeon R9 Fury
*Pci-e USB3.0 risers

Power Supply:
* 620 Watt Antec
* 1000 Watt EVGA Supernova G2

* Windows 7 (it's what I have on hand)

* Wire Cage rack I bought from the local hardware store

...... I have all this, but think I'm missing a few things, like a power switch since I'm not using a case.

Things I'm considering:

Miner: Claymore (probably latest version v9.1 at time of writing)

Wallet: (Update), decided to keep it simple and use JAXX wallet, thanks for the suggestions.

Pools: I'm researching some that are on this board... some decent ones that are starting...

Other thoughts: Hopefully.. from what I've seen each R9 Fury should be doing about 330 Sol/s, for a total of about 990 Sol/s... With that kind of power, Solo mining would still be out of the question, correct? I'm guessing I'd still be a part of a pool even with close to 1000.

Thanks to anyone and everyone in the community, cheers to fellow miners!

You don't need so much ram. 4GB is more than enough.
You also don't need an SSD, use an old spinnable HDD if you have one.

Fury is very overpriced for ZEC mining. Best is the 280x/290/390 if you got cheap power or 470 if your power is expensive.

All server PSUs are cheap and reliable however they are crazy loud. If noise isn't an issue get one of them and some cheap 450Watt PSU to power your +3.3V, +5V, etc.

PS, nice car.

At this time Windows is, for a few rig - you planed one ;-D - better. You get more sol/s with Claymore.

I have two hdd, so I can switch if a miner on another OS is better. A cheap 2,5" 5400rpm hdd is btw enough.
If you want to buy just one hdd, it is easier if you install a dualboot from the beginning - I prefer 2 hdds.

I used cheap hdds on my rigs and installed both win10 and ubuntu 16.04 on them.

My rigs have 3 rx470 and 3 rx480 running on 1000W EVGA G2s and 990fxas mobos.

They've running smoothly on Claymore for weeks now. Not even v9 gave me problems on the PSUs.


I plan on going 6 GPU's for each of the H81's, I was told that a rule of thumb was 1GB per GPU, since they don't sell 6GB dimms, I thought I'd go ahead with the 8GB.

You're right.. guess I could go with an HDD, but figured I wouldn't need much space and hopefully, in theory the SSD would last a long time, I've gone through many dead HDD's in the past 15 years or so, they're generally reliable, but be it the platter or the motor, the moving parts give out at some point, I only have 2 ssd's, bought one of them 4 or 5 years ago (legendary Samsung 830 ), still going strong. Though don't get me wrong, I've seen SSD's fail a lot too, even at work.

I agree, the Fury at regular price is overpriced... However, I got mine for $240 a piece USD on sale, which is what a decent 480 costs, and from what I saw the Fury is giving a good jump forward in SOL/s compared to the 480. 290's are gouged from what I scoured, unless I bought used, but figured I'd build this for the long haul, get some brand new ones.

Regarding Server PSU's, can you share some models that you have experience with?

Oh, and as for my alias, hahaha... I don't own a turbo 997, I wish! My alias is from the mid to late 90's... lo and behold Porsche ends up naming a car with that name in the 2000's... haha... maybe one day we'll all be getting them if Zcash pays out.

Thanks for the reply man.

@guizmo Nice setup man! You got 2 rigs going. You mentioned that you installed both win10 and ubuntu, from your experience, which OS do you run more? Is Ubuntu yielding better results??

Thanks for the reply man.


That's a good idea, I didn't think about that... switching between them. I was just going to go with Ubuntu since it's free, I have an extra windows 7, but not sure if the performance will be worse or better with Windows 7.

So from what I get, you're saying Ubuntu is the better one, correct?

Thanks for the reply man.

At this time Windows is better. With the Claymore-Miner you get more sol/s.

Wow I did not know that, thanks for that headsup! Do you mine with Windows 10 or 7?

Since Claymore's miner is the fastest and it's Windows only, Windows is the way to go right now.

Optiminer had it for a very short while, and before that Silentarmy was at the top I think. Those are Linux miners.

It's been a while since I used Ubuntu on my rigs, but I'm running 2 GPUs at home on an Ubuntu 16.04 and Optiminer 1.0.1

It's a Desktop machine that I use for other things than crypto mining.

Thanks for that tidbit, I was still early in my planning stages even though I went out and bought hardware. I have downloaded the latest Claymore and now it's obvious to me, just like you said and pointed out it's only on Windows.

Any Wallets you can recommend? From what I understand, nothing out there yet for Windows... meaning I'd have to route claymore miner to a wallet I set up in linux, correct assumption? What do you guys do?

P.S. I've progressed further in this build, haha.. I have parts, but still haven't had time to build it, hopefully this weekend. Was gonna setup the miner on laptop to get familiar with it.

Thanks again to all in the community! Cheers!

You can use exchange wallet then transfer to Jaxx windows wallet but I would recommend if you are keeping zcash mined buy a nano s or nano blue which is a hardware wallet to keep funds safe, these have many other wallets for storing bitcoin,ether,zcash and many more so for the price it's worth getting and you can send your zcash from pool to wallet safely

I use the zcash client on a linux machine, but there are many options.

Like @Stealth8368 mentioned you can mine directly into an exchange address. There are people that mine directly into a Ledger Nano S, which is definitely the safest way to go. There's also Jaxx Wallet which is IMO the most user friendly wallet specially if your just getting started with cryptocurrencies.

The only reason I run a zcash full node client is because you relay your own transactions, have the full blockchain, and because in this way you contribute to the zcash network.


I'd like to run a zcash full node client for the same reasons, but given that I'm just getting this set up for now, I guess I will go with the following route:

-Claymore v9.2 miner
-use Jaxx wallet address
-join yet to be determined pool

Then I'm set...well, sort of... :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays everyone.

Having trouble setting up Claymore Miner(v 9.3) with suprnova pool....

I put down the following.. respectively:


ZecMiner64.exe-zpool ssl://zec.suprnova.cc:2242 -zwal (my zcash wallet address from JAXX) turbox997.stealthlaptop -zpsw mypw

When I save these settings in the start.bat and then run the ZecMiner64 I see in the logs that I'm apparently still trying to connect to 'eu1-zcash.flypool.org' ... what am I missing?? Anything else I need to configure?

You need to change your config file.


Thanks for that information, I have now edited my config file to the following:

-zpool ssl://zec.suprnova.cc:2242
-zwal (my zcash wallet address from JAXX)
turbox997.stealthlaptop -zpsw mypw

-tt 75

-i 8

It shows that I'm connected apparently and that I'm mining at around 41 H/s, however when I look at the dashboard at Zec Supernova, it shows 0 hash power for my worker.

Something else that I'm missing??

You do not need to include your wallet address in the config file. Just include your worker info turbox997.stealthlaptop. You will need to add your wallet address in the settings on suprnova.

...also make sure you have that worker setup on suprnova

@jeremyf327 First I wanted to say thanks for always responding and trying to help. I appreciate it man.

Secondly, I tried deleting my wallet info in the config file and reran the program and got a "unknown wallet" error and then it crashed, so I added it back and it's working again, I don't know why... I only added my wallet info because there was a wallet address in the config file by default after I downloaded it from google drive.

Also, I have already set up my worker info on suprnova before I tried mining.

Do you mind sharing what your config file looks like? Do you use claymore v9.3? I can understand if you conceal certain info, but could I see what the format of your setup looks like?

Also for start.bat file? If you don't mind. I was going to try to follow the format to see if I can get it to work, I have shared what I have, and it does not seem to work properly.

While running claymore miner it shows that it's working, but on suprnova it shows:

"My Hasrate: 0.00 H/s"

When it shows an average of about 41 H/s on my laptop test setup.

Thanks again, for all your help.