Mining Crypto ZCash Guide GTX 1070 @ 44x Sol / s with restart at `stopped gpu code: 46` - no need to control the rigs anymore!

Hello Mining and Crypto fans,

I have been working in Mining and Crypto-Area for almost 6 months.
I will create regular mail for the Crypto-Currency field.

Here is my first mining guide for ZEC with the EWBF 0.3.4b Miner.
Download Miner EWBF 0.3.4b ->![FARMBILD.JPG]

  • This guide is for advanced miners

  • For beginners some tips are integrated

  • If your Rig has crashed or a bug, the following error is usually displayed: “stopped gpu code: 46”, will be restarted after a maximum of 5 minutes with the following commands from the EWBF Miner without any intervention by yourself.

  • Never again having a night crash from the rig is something nice and soothing the nerves.

miner --server --port 3333 --user t1UecXTCCwJ7JqbQDL2SqzmRGQeNYvXT2Zr.rig0 --pass x --eexit 3 --log 2 --logfile ZCASH.%date:~6,4%%date:~3,2%%date:~0,2%.ewbf.log --pec
goto :restart


zcash - t1XLdKSZpuUrVNkgQwFMe7P97iLUbMjmDMK
btc - 3Bfk1m9rneWVBCbKS6UEQTJZN3s4AkYw62
eth - 0xf7b65Dee56DCa371EBcDa4F72435131fe3842cba

Best Regards

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Problem is too much OC Core Clock I have the same problem my 5X GTX 1080Ti OC 180 core clock two day working ok but next day stop and the same error code 46. I put 170MHz 10MHz off tree weeks mining 0 problem.

my rigs are nearly stable with my settings, but some times i get the “code: 46”.
if i go down with the core clock, i lost lot of hashpower, and that i dont want.
So better my rig are stopped for 3-5 minutes all 2-3 days and start automatically with ma settings you are see in my guide.
Got no Problems.

He’s running Asus Strix, they can handle the overclock. Myself I am running MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X and my overclock is-

Core +100 MHz
Memory +400 MHz
Power limit 115 watts
Fans 50% Don’t want to burn the fans out to soon. I use a box fan set to low.

Right now I have been very lucky. My run 24/7 no downtime.

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If you mining ZCash you not need OC memory only Core clock if you oc memory you clock going down.

You too much OC core this is problem

No! I overclock memory and I gained 100 sols from my rig. And no not to much overclock. I already tried different settings and mine is very stable. That’s why mine runs 24/7!!

How do you deal with rain and snow? Do you close your windows, do you have another exhaust?

until now i got now problems, there is a outflow.

If you need some automatizations you can try this:

I have the exact same cards and motherboard and much of the rest (not powersupply), but I can’t achieve the same overclock on the cards despite my cards running a fairly cool 50-55C. Anything over about 70 on the overclock and I get random crashes and screen artifacts. In GPU-Z do your Strix have Samsung memory?

To be fair, I do get a higher hash rate as I don’t limit the power to 76% like you are.

Do your TP-Link Kasa devices show the proper energy usage? Mine didn’t initially and would show 28440 for wattage, but a recent firmware update fixed that.


i have show at two gpus.

No, my TP-Link Kasa devices dont show the proper energy usage.
Because i dont have buy that. Maybe i can flash the other software.
The HS-110 have the proper energy usage.

Maybe you got bad psu or usb riser?
I have bought new usb riser with 6 pin - i will upgrade to version 008
Because the 4 Pin or Sata really bad risers.
The most normaly psu are dont get managed the sata power - its really crap.

Thank you for shering this post Karlmaster.
Guys how do you make cuda miner show you the power usege of the card and efficency?

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