Mining Error x4 rx480 and one r9 390

Since yesterday i got that message after 20-30 minutes mining.Mining with rx480 and one r9 390.Anybody who knows what is that ?

Could be a couple of things, if you have Overclocked your cards then lower clocks best to run stock and rule out problems there, most likely problem is a driver issue so if running GPU stock does not fix problem then use DDU to uninstall drivers and install drivers again I can’t remember if 390 needs its own driver or will work with newer drivers but you can instal just the display driver for 390 and newer drivers for rx 480 through device manager for 390

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Windows and drivers reinstalled some error,extenders changed…The other strange thing is that,the rig works well when the pc monitor is connected…

This is normal, rx series needs a monitor attached to work or you can use a dummy plug

Too much overclock, try to run stock. If run smooth then it must be your overclock settings.