Mining Hashrate low on AMD 570

my hashrate to slow? mining with claymore’s on my PC. please help to up hashrate, how? i’m new in mining and very noob.

  1. you are in wrong thread
  2. we dont know what HW you have what setting for gpu u use and what is the actual hashrate you have
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sorry. about wrong thread.
can you show me the thread. :slight_smile:
my HW GPU Radeon 570


deleting finish… sorry… sorry… sorry…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: autorestart can be combine with what?

This script is currently used with EWBF’s CUDA miner which is used for nVidia cards. @Undertrey is currently working on writing this script to work with other miners as well. It’s a watchdog to monitor your mining software to ensure optimal uptime.