Hash rate dropped after installing afterburner?

I have seven rx 480 4gb nitros that were mining at a rate of 19xx consistently for several weeks.

I like all wanted more like an idiot.

So I installed MSIs afterburner and turned them up a little. After a few crashes, I said screw it and hit the reset arrow.

Since that moment my cards have only mines about 200 hash each.

Wtf did I do or how do I fix it.

I have since unistalled afterburner and rebooted.

Dont mine Zcash or any equihash coin with AMD.

Well I just built a 1070 rig and would completely agree with you but I already have these as it stands

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By my experience, 1070 is the best card for mining zec with ewbf miner and @Undertrey watchdog script.

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Link to watchdog? I just want to make sure it’s the same script I’m running

I am curious as to your opinion behind this statement?

If the reason is because TDP, you can modify any equivalent card to get what you are after.

Before some of you had even heard of Zcash the only card you could/should mine with was a AMD.
My first rig is a seven AMD Fury’s setup that have been running almost nonstop for 10+ months with only one issue that was a manufacture problem.

The AMD cards are easier to configure with ANY of Claymore’s software, no need for afterburner, no need to create a scheduled task to reboot on GPU error, no need for 3rd party programs for constant monitoring, you can set it all right there in the config file.

Currently the only thing AMD lacks is a 1080 TI equivalent.

I have 20+ 1080 / 1080 TI’s, I like the cards (EWBF’s software is great) but I have had to send back 3 of them in the last 5 months due to bad manufacturing. Numbers wise on send backs equal the same but the number in the amount of time is higher.

Again I am curious as to your opinion on why you should not use AMD cards to mine Zcash with.

I’ve seen this, go back into afterburner and click the reset button a couple of times, sounds like the settings from the over clock are still set for each card.
if you want, install sapphire overclock software, I know this will reset everything to default.

if that fails:

first make sure you have the exact driver version you need for your cards and your software you are mining with .

Download and install DDU then run it in safemode


Install a clean version of the drivers (this could take 5-10 minutes)


Launch mining software

Should be resolved.

CUDA is much more efficient then OPENCL for core based alghorithm like equihash. I have 150 (mostly 1070) cards dedicated to mine zec, and have no problem with quality. Sure, EWBF is uncomplete miner with lot of bugs, but with good script, like @Undertrey did, you can override that.
In last 1 year i tried lot of mining combinations and found that for zcash is most optimized 1070 if you calculate card price/power consuption/sols/price for other neccessary rig hardware. And that is best option for me, regarding my power cost and overclock settings.

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