Mining is paused while downloading blocks

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to get started on mining, but cannot get past the message “Mining is paused while downloading blocks”. It has been running for over 8 hours but hasn’t started mining. I tried starting it again but it is doing the same thing. Am I doing anything wrong?


Are you syncing from scratch? That'll take a while - particularly as of the last few weeks there's been some burdensome transaction activity that results in slow verification.

Yes it is from scratch, I was just following the mining guide to get set up. Is there a faster way to get started up?

Not unless you have a wallet that's already synchronised on another computer...

Thanks for the info, I'll just let this run for a while and hopefully it kicks in soon. Thanks!

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yeah initial syncing is one of the downsides of least its not the bitcoin chain, which takes over a week, best-case? :slight_smile:

It took me about 2 hours to download 141577 blocks.
The current "Block Height" can be found here: