Ubuntu terminal is downloading blocks,It didn't require my wallet address yet...How do you make this work?

Hi, I just entered all the necessary commands to make my Ubuntu terminal ready for mining Zcash.

Except I didn’t type my BTC address to anywhere yet…

The terminal is currently trying to download blocks and saying “Mining is paused while downloading blocks.” It has been completed few transactions in meanwhile (10606).

What should I do now to introduce my address to terminal or something like that? So I can start earning. Thanks for any help!

Its syncing the blockchain before it does anything, and if zcashd is setup to mine, it’ll start mining as soon as its synced. It’ll mine to an autogenerated address, but solo mining with zcashd is not likely to get you a block reward with the difficulty so high. I’d check out the mining topics here to see about GPU miners and pool mining.

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Alright, thanks a lot! I will take a look at to other topics now.

Greetings sir!
I setup the configuration file without gen=1, so zcashd will not mine anything. My question is how can I know that it finished downloading the blocks, because it validates transactions for a couple of hours and I don’t know what it will do after that. I know that I can’t start mining until it finishes downloading all the blocks.
Thanks in advance!

I suggest you read through this:

Thanks. But the problem I face is a little bit more specific, in the sense that I use the zcashd for downloading blocks in Lubuntu and it keeps validating transactions for more than 10 hours. It doesn’t show any percent of work done or how much it has until it finishes, in order for me to start the mining process. Actually I don’t know what it should print or how it would behave when it finishes downloading the blocks.

From what I understood is also a good habit to keep zcashd running, for adding a new node to the network, but this means that it will validate transactions forever.

That’s what it does. It validates transactions. I guess I’m confused as to what you’re looking for? If you want to know whether it’s synced to the blockchain, that’s simple. Look at the the block height and see if yours matches the network’s block height. If it does, you’re synced.

Yes, thats what I’m looking for, but I don’t know how to check my current block height in linux.

Are you running the daemon with showmetrics enabled? If yes, then it shows you right on the screen beside “Block height”. If you’ve disabled the metrics so the daemon runs without a GUI to view, you’ll have to run a command through zcash-cli. Most likely ./zcash-cli getblockcount if I remember correctly.

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