Mining / Official Wallet on MacOS

Hello all,

I have two questions, both MacOS related:

  1. Mining
    Currently I’m using an experimental build of nheqminer (the fork by kost) to mine on my early 2015 Retina MacBook Pro. This works OK, however I was wondering if there are any plans to improve this? Also, a friend of mine has one of the latest high end MBPs with the Radeon 450 card, is that something where a specific AMD miner can be eventually considered?

  2. Wallet
    There is an experimental way of building the official zCash wallet on a Mac, is there any plan to move from building ourselves from source code to an official or semi-official dmg package (something similar to zcash4win by radix42)? I’m currently stuck with Jaxx and while it’s great, it’s not recommended to receive mining rewards. One concern which I may have with the official zcash wallet is how much disk space is required, as I suppose we’d need to maintain it in sync with the blockchain? Might prove hard on smaller configurations with 128 GB or 256 GB SSD.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Have you visited also run by @anon47418038 ?

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I’ll be updating zcash4mac when 1.0.7 comes out soon

Right now on my mac the Zcash blockchain uses 1.8 GB, and I leave running all the time…the cpu and ram load is pretty low unless you are sending a shielded transaction…and it is a dmg signed with my Apple Developer Certificate, you just drag and drop it into Applications as god and Steve Jobs intended :slight_smile:


yeah I should really put links between the zcash4mac and zcash4win sites

How could I miss that?! Thanks Shawn and radix42!

Hello @anon47418038, are you planning to release zcash4mac with the 1.0.8 code sometime in the future? also, am I right to understand the current zcash4mac release is based on zcash 1.0.4 ? thanks!

yes, the current zcash4mac is based on 1.0.4…I’m working on updating it to 1.0.8

Hi Radix. Any update on getting zcash4mac 1.0.10 (or 1.0.11 or 1.0.12)?

Do you need help with that?

Thank you!!

oh man, due to an unfortunate incident of what Jess Frazelle referred to this morning as “merge regret”, I haven’t been able to tweak the source for the zcash4mac wallet’s GUI to track the upstream Swing UI Wallet for compatibility with zcash versions greater than 1.0.6. and the user base is so much smaller than Windows that it hasn’t been a priority.

After the current round of Zcash Foundation grants are awarded, one of them will most likely be to @vaklinov for enhancements to the Swing UI wallet, and then THAT is done I plan on reworking zcash4mac rebased on top of that.

And using @kozyilmaz excellent mac port of the current zcashd. So that’s where we are rn.

Perfect, found the port and will test it soon.

Thanks for the guidance!

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I run the latest @kozyilmaz command line port on my mac, he started with the zclassic patches for mac, which were an improved version of my original port of zcash to mac, and kinda closed the circle with that. Its much cleaner and a bit faster than my original, some of which was trial and error guess work with a lot of help from the bitcoin and ethereum communities.

AND it works great with the current version of the upstream Swing wallet, you just have to install java yourself, its not a signed app like zcash4mac is, etc, etc. we WILL get there, it has just been a royal PITA.