Mining on Suprnova

Hey guys, I am a total noob to mining but I have successfully got my zcash miner working as a solo miner right now. I would like to join a pool on suprnova but when I try to enter their CPU miner commands to set the stratum I get
Bash: ./zcash-standalone-miner/SRC/zcash-miner: no such file or directory.

Can anyone help me get this set up correctly?

check out for nicehash nhqeminer 0.3a_suprnova

I have tried to install the nheqminer but am too much of a noob to know what I am doing.

Do I install these inside my zcash-miner folder or does it need to be out elsewhere?

Could anyone just give me the command lines needed to set this up correctly?

This is not a good coin for a noob to learn the ropes. Total cluster right now. But this is the solution I got to work on Win 10.

can someone give me the command line for Supernova with nicehash miner on windows cpu. I’ve tried several times with the one they post on the getting started and its not working