Suprnova configurations

Hi All,
I am trying out suprnova in combination with NiceHash.
Its a bit strange I have setup all coretly but miner seems to be rejected?
Even feels like a scam. It keeps bouncing back to dead … :S

See configurations below:

wrong port

EU & US Mining Node: stratum+tcp:// (Backup: stratum+tcp:// )

It states:
For Nicehash use and d=8192 as password
should I ignore that?

I use suprnova and very happy with pool,I setup workers name and password as normal on pool side then on my configuration bat file I set my pool difficulty there and works fine with Claymore v7 which is fastest mining software at moment

I dont understand how to do this?
Maybe you have some tips for this?

I would just like to try this out I have 0.5 btc to spend see if I can make some profits

Hi yes I will help you get started,go to suprnova mining pool and setup an account,first register with suprnova then go to MY WORKERS CONFIGURATION page and ADD NEW WORKER there is a help section if you have any problems there but it's straight I need to know what hardware you will be using to mine,now if you have not bought GPU yet I would recommend AMD rx 470 or 480 but choice is yours,this is what your bat file must look like to mine on suprnova

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool zec -mport 0 -zwal your user name here.worker name -zpsw your worker password -i 4

Replace your user name with what you set at pool login
Replace worker name with name in 'my worker' set in pool
Replace your worker password with password used setting up worker on pool
You must adhere to the correct spacing as I have done in this example for bat file to work
If you have a problem I will email bat file to you so you can copy and paste straight to notepad and if u are unsure of how to save a bat file google will give u plenty examples

On suprnova go to getting started and download Claymore v7 and extract to desktop,take v7 file folder and copy and paste to your c drive,open Claymore folder and add your bat file in same folder,click on your bat file and you should be mining

Couple of thinks to do,increase virtual memory to 16Gb
If you are not sure how to create bat file in Claymore folder there is a template just right click bat file and choose edit and over right with your bat file we created above and when closing bat pick option to save then again double click your bat file and you should be mining

I have tried to explain as simply as possible but will help if you have any issues

I have just noticed you are using nice hash to mine so things are slightly different but I will leave info here as might be useful for others

Instead of putting your password in bat file put d=8192
Use address for nice hash server and port as says on the site replacing where I have put the eu server and port and you are good to go.

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Great but I am not there jet for now I would like just to buy power from nicehash.
But that does not work ...

Have edited for you as just noticed that

Nicehash works on port 2143

Verry strange indeed.
I did not work for me last time.
Will give it an other try

Verry strange and frustrating … its not working :confused:
Kinda kost me some BTC …
Will stop mining and would like to advise all to not do this only if you have the time to go indepth into the math behind it.
Els its not profitebol.

See other screen.
I would like to report a bug at NiceHash
Pickups alive and than gets killed … :S verry strange.

i have been renting from them from the start got it set on port 2143 but have let my password x

so pool config is for me
username.workername and password x

my bad.
has nicehash support at least gotten back to you?

Nope no one got back to me ...
For me this did not work and to be honnest I dont see how to make $$$ with it.
I did my calculation and it's just not ading up especily the high transactions fees ...
Better just trade your coins.

Why would any one who has a good mining set up go for this?
They would reater keep it to them selfs.