Using NIcehash Miner for Supernova (no known host)

I’m trying to use the NiceHash miner for Supernova without going through NIceHash. I keep getting “no known host”

Here is my command line nheqminer -l -u cdc285.cdc285 -p 1234 -t 2

This is the latest version of nicehash’s miner modified to work on suprnova:

Simply launch it with:

nheqminer.exe -u suprnova.5 -p x

where suprnova.5 is of course your username and x is your password


That worked.I was trying to use the command line the way Supernova suggested on the getting started page.


i made how do you post, but dont mine on GPU just on CPU.

i have one r7 370

Dont mine on GPU, Why?

@ocminer, I think what he is saying is the latest nicehash miner using xenoncat’s solver. What’s on your repo is the miner with tromp’s solver. I get at least 3x the speed using xenoncat compared to tromp. Good job nicehash.

my cpu minning result is 2.5 sol/s

as i’m newbie

do i will get more than this result if i rent in nicehash with 8 $

and how to mine on cuda too?

Windows? Create a batch file with the parameter -cd 0 where 0 is the GPU. So if you have 1 Nvidia GPU, then you’d simply leave the parameter as -cd 0. -cd 2 would actually be 3 GPUs

Hi , my CPU have 65/s to 70/s , after adding GPU GTX1080 is up to 91/s , a good CPU is better on Zcash i think.

CUDA error ‘the launch timed out and was terminated’ in func ‘eq_cuda_context::solve’ line 986 halp in nheqminer_v0.2a_suprnova why?