Mining Questions

I am from India and here we have limited options for graphic cards.
Most of the famous graphic cards are either out of stock or very expensive here.
But, I have found GTX 1060 3GB has affordable price in india. It costs around $315 here and 6GB is $390.
So, Here is the link of different type of graphic cards for GTX 3B and I need your advice which one to choose.

Right now i want to start with low budget but dont want to compromise with performance of card.

I have following questions.
What is the difference between 3/6 GB? Can i get more Mh or sols by choosing 6Gb? How much?
Which company is better Zotac, MSI or GALAX?
Which one is better? 1 fan or 2 fan?
Which hardware (Motherboard, Processor) should i choose to achieve top performance. But, price should be affordable.
Which hard disk i should use SSD or HDD?
Can i make CLI (use 2 GTX 1060 3 GB cards together) in my desktop?
Can i make rig using GTX 1060 3 GB? Do i need to use same model cards in rig? can i make rig using 3/6 gb cards together?
Can i use different cards in rig such as GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 together with GTX 1060?
I see there is so much fluctuation in market. Currency rates are rising like rocket.
In case is their price goes down. So, Mining will be really profitable in future?
There is news the ETH is going for POS in november. So, is it worth to invest in GPU?

I am really new to this mining. So, please let me know if mining is really profitable or not.

hey I don't know all the answers to all of your questions so I'm just going to answer the stuff I know.
1# yes there is a difference. I know when you ook at rx 580 with the difference between 4gb and 8gb the 8 gb wins, but also also more expensief and doesn't really make that much of a difference. the 6 gb card is easier to sell, but if you are going to mine until the card is dead this doesn't really matter.
2# I know that MSI is a good brand.
3# I got a gtx 1060 6gb with a single fan and I needed to remove the plastic cover from the heatsink in order to get more airflow.... the more the better.
4# idk
5# doesn't really matter I heard you just need a 60g of storage. if you have laying an old hdd use that or buy a cheap ssd.
7# nop I have in me own gaming pc my old gtx960 and a gtx1080. you need to tweak some stuff, because when running together the gtx1080 will not use all of hes power. I need to make a different .bat for each card. On my mining rig with 6 gtx 1060 I just have 1 .bat file
8# look to 7

take a look at and here this website isn't good to look at but it has good and trusted data

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i dont know the answer of every question too but i will answer everything i know aswell.

  1. Zotac and Msi are without doubt good companys but expensive. Im using Asus rog strix gtx 1060.

  2. I think it depends on how you build your rig. Do you have alot airflow? or do you want to let them cool themselves?
    my Asus rog strix gtx 1060 got 3! fans and a huge heatsink on it. It keeps the cards unter 60° all the time with only 50-60% fan speed.

  3. The mainboard and the prozessor shouldnt be expensive anyway. I use asus H81M-Plus for a 4 GPU rig and for the CPU i just took Celeron G1840 with only 4GB of random RAM

  4. Just use a random HDD oder SSD thats laying around BUT if you have to buy one you should go with a small 60gb SSD or maybe 120gb depends wich system you want to use.

I think no one can say how long mining will be profitable it depends on much things like your power cost and so on. its like everything in life you have to take some risk to get profit :sunglasses: (but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt calculate everything before you start! srsly. do. it.)

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I read like 1 month ago that nowadays you need a better proccessor than a pentium G. I buy the cheepest i3 (109€in spain) and this is necessary because you need 8Gb for RAM in order to avoid error uploading the chain.

SSD has a lower power consuption, ill use it and i think that its the best option.

Go to whattomine and enter manually the hasrates you can see on this forum after searching a little. Calculate you own electricity cost (in spain im paying 0.1742$/Kw) and press calculate. You can also input your rig cost to know how many days you will need to pay your rig. Normaly its like 70-90 days.

Have fun mining!